Friday Five

First off?


Sent off to my editor on Tuesday.

Best feeling ever!

For those who are counting this means I've finished....

5 novels!!!

2. Read this amazing story:

Teens parents sell everything and go to San Francisco to wait out the end of times.  Love the insight into the teen's struggles and conflicts with their obviously misplaced parent's faith and how they feel about being homeless and living in a van.


Always love books that think outside the box.  This graphic novel has a guy make a deal with death.  He has 200 days to accomplish a great work of art and then he dies.  Problem is he meets his love of live right after this deal.  Great illustrations and storyline.


This is a twist on the whole time traveling premise with the love story of Lucas and Juliet.  He swears he remembers everything about them from first kiss, first fight, and more.  Problem is they're never been together.  Juliet at first thinks he's nuts but the chemistry between these two hits readers right at the start.

5. Yay, Season one of OUTLANDER is now available!  So, yeah, I downloaded episodes on my Kindle Fire!

Also available on Netflix.

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm finally getting a pedi/mani!

Thinking green for this month.  Hmmm...

**Don't forget to check back with me on Monday for a chance to win from a list of great gifts for this year's March Madness!  Go over to Denise Jarden's blog

for more info on how you can be a part of our group this year!


Little Willow said…
Yay Kim! :)

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