March Madness Day 16

Wow, can you believe we're halfway through this month already?  How's everyone's writing going?

On Saturday I was able to attend the latest CINDERELLA movie.  The theater was filled with young girls and tweens.

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One thing I loved, besides the gorgeous costumes and Cate Blanchett's performance as the evil stepmother, had to be Cinderella's promise she made to her parents:

Be kind and courageous.

In this biz it can be easy to jump on the latest internet drama and forget to be kind.  I won't go into details, but lets say that whatever you post online STAYS there.  Even after you press the delete button.

And it's so hard at times to give up after a string of rejections.  You can become like Cinderella at her lowest time, and say, "I don't believe in the magic anymore."

So I'll be your fairy goddess and sprinkle lots of faery writing dust your way!

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What do you all do when you forget the magic of writing?

With me, some times, I have to take a break from the computer.  I did this the other day and found it gave me an excuse to get back to my writing.  I unplugged the internet.  I found some times I have to do that.

Check in tomorrow with Shari Green

Remember, I'm cheering you all on!!!!  Here's a little Audrey to cheer you on too!



Be kind and courageous.

I try and do that in my daily life, whether I'm writing or not.

I've found that random acts of kindness and general positivity come back to me in the end. I try to spread positivity and do not expect anything in return. It's a tough world out there sometimes, but I've seen that even the tiniest act such as smiling or saying hello makes all the difference in a person's day.

So, no matter how stressed I get or regardless if there are negative influences (or negative energy, in general) around me, I strive hard to do good and be good always.

It helps keep me sane and no matter what the daily struggles may bring, I somehow manage to get the words out.

Good karma? Peace of mind? Whatever you believe, as long as it's safe and good for you and those around you, keep on keepin' on!

Have a great week!


Oh, I will definitely take some of that fairy dust! When I lose that sense of magic, I read. It doesn't really matter what I read because either it will draw me in and inspire me with its magic or it will show me some holes or imperfections that make me want to do some magic of my own.

One thing I love about most of the writers in the kid lit/ya community is that they are kind and they are brave. We have too much strength in our community to let some nasty naysayers get us.

So I'll splash a little more fairy dust and magic about and wish all you wipsters a fabulous rest of the madness!
Sere said…
I've been struggling all month with writing and work and other things, but when I need a boost I completely unplug ( I'm never online on the weekends- very big rule of mine) and I go for a walk with my pups, or sit in my cozy chair with tea and a good novel, or a favourite movie. That's usually enjoy to recharge me again. So it's a new week and time to get down to business!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yes, exactly! Love your comment that, "Whatever you believe, as long as it's safe and good for you and those around you, keep on keepin' on.!"

Great advice!!!!

Have a great week!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

I love to read and I'm like you, if I'm stuck or lose some of that 'writing' magic, I'll grab a book and read.

Yes, our YA community usually is very supportive and kind. Just last weekend though, it did have a turn for the worse and it frightened me how quick some are to not be so kind and accepting. Shannon Hale did a great job of explaining this this morning with her Twitter feed on how ways to continue talking without judging the whole by the parts. Loved.

Sprinkling some more of that faery dust your way!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

I love going on my daily morning walks. They clear out the cobwebs in my head and more than once have helped me figure out a scene that had been bothering me.

Thanks for stopping in!!
Shari Green said…
I totally agree with Mary Ann about reading -- best way to renew my belief in magic, or to recharge my pursuit of magic.

Thanks for the faery dust and encouragement, Kim! :)
Dawn Ius said…
* rolls in your fairy dust *

Thank you! I love this!

I'm with those who mentioned reading as one way to rediscover the magic, and often, I go back and re-read a book that was particularly inspirational at some point in my career. My new WIP is more thriller than romance and so I've dug out my well-used copy of Chelsea Cain's outstanding thriller HEARTSICK, and I'm diving in.

I'm glad Cinderella was great — hoping to take my niece soon.

Have a great week!
Kim Baccellia said…

I know, huh? Books inspire me so much. Bad writing inspires me to do better and excellent writing makes me want to up my own bar.

Kim Baccellia said…

I wasn't sure at first if I'd enjoy CINDERELLA as there's been so many versions of it done. But as a treat I went to an early morning showing. I was pleasantly surprised at how much the story moved me. The costumes are gorgeous but that one saying really stuck with me after I left the theater.

I'm sure your niece will enjoy!
Carol Garvin said…
While I can sometimes get bogged down, or become discouraged about my ability to ever get a novel published, writing never really loses its magic for me. I love to write; I just get to the point where the reason for working on a particular story puts me in limbo.

Reading is both an escape and a rejuvenator. I've read two books in the past week while puttering (there's no better word to describe it) on my WIP. I'm trying to redirect my energy back to the writing this week. Fairy dust will be much appreciated, Kim. :)
Kim Baccellia said…

I think that's what keeps us writing--the magic of words that doesn't leave even when it seems others get the great news and we don't.

Si, se puede, Carol! You can do it!!!

Sending lots of faery writing dust your way!
Denise Jaden said…
Be kind and courageous. Love that!

I don't know what renews the magic for me. It's always changing. Sometimes reading works, but other times that just depresses me. Sometimes going for a walk in nature helps, but other times I have no desire to boot up my computer again. Still working this one out, but I love seeing others' suggestions!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yeah, I get the reading at times is depressing especially when I read a book that just doesn't do it for me. Then I try to find other things that help. Walking, yoga, even going to a movie are other ways that I help recharge.

Sending faery dust your way!!!
Tanya Snodgrass said…
Just lost my carefully typed comment, lol. I'm excited to see Cinderella! And to renew the magic I usually read or watch a TV show that is in a genre or deals with topics related to my WIP :) if all else fails I crochet or sew. Being creative helps inspire me in all the different creative areas that I love.
Kim Baccellia said…

You'll LOVED the new CINDERELLA. I'm not usually a fan of this fairy tale but I totally got swept up in the magic!

One of my goals is to learn to crochet. I love learning how to be more creative. Great way to keep those creative juices flowing!

Thanks for stopping by!
Bonnie Jacoby said…
I'm catching up on all the blog posts that I missed with my flakey vacation Internet. I saw Cinderella too! I enjoyed the movie, which was about an 85% copy of Disney's old animated version. They did add some more hints of backstory, which I would have loved to see them explore more. Oh well. It did prompt a new story idea for me as I analysed those hinted at backstories. :)

I fell behind in my goal, but I did get a lot of inspiration for new ideas during my trip to Florida.

To kick start myself, I always find that reading helps, as well as walks in nature and researching cool historical sites on the Internet.
Kim Baccellia said…

Yes, the backstory was a little abrupt in CINDERELLA but I really fell for the rest of the storyline. I'm not a huge fan of the animated fairy tale but I really loved this movie version.

Trips are always a great way to be inspired! Once, on a trip to Hawaii, I saw the 'perfect' tree for a scene in a project I was working on. I had to take a photo or two and later used it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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