March Madness Day #9

Now that we're in week two of March Madness, how is everyone's writing going?

Photo courtesy of Fairy Blogger Goddess
Sending lots of fairy writing dust your way!

For today I was thinking of writing rituals.  I'm a former bilingual teacher and very anal on schedules and such.  Even after I stopped teaching in the public school system, I continued to have schedules.  I find it helps me to stay focused and on task.

My writing rituals including blocking in time every day to write.  I do take Sundays off because I think it's important to have one day of rest no matter what belief or non belief a person might have.

I find a place to write:

Usually the coffee house.  I also have a tea latte.

One big thing for me is having Playlists to help me get into the minds of my characters.  For my current project it has more of an edgy flair and for the protagonist's love interest?  Country music. 

I'm not a huge fan of country music but my character LOVES it and it reflects his personality.

I have an iTunes account and a  Spotify account with  Playlists from my projects.

**This song really spoke to my character!

Another thing I do is have Pinterest boards that I post photos that reflect my projects.  

I'm @ixtumea over there.

Link to project's board:

Also Diet Dr. Pepper's with lemon slices help too.

Do any of you have any rituals that help you with your writing projects?

And now we have a winner!


Is our latest winner. They can drop by this post to pick their prize:

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Remember, you can do it!!!!!  We're cheering for you!!!!


Denise Jaden said…
I love minions. That brightened my day. Thanks, Kim :)

I used to be a real scheduler. Then in the last couple of years my husband hasn't been working much, which meant he was almost always around the house. He tends to take over when he's around, and so it felt like my time was not my time anymore. I fell off the scheduling wagon! But I've been working at climbing back on. It really is work to schedule time for your writing and stick to it. At least it is for me.
Kim Baccellia said…

My husband works from home now and so I totally get what you're saying! It makes it really hard to get any writing in as he's walking in all the time! So I had to schedule writing time in at different places and it helps me finish projects! **I seriously need to acknowledge Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!
Shari Green said…
LOVE that vibrating-with-glee minion in the middle, lol. :D

I'm not big on rituals, but I do often make myself a pot of tea, then take a cup down to my desk and put on an appropriate playlist at the start of my writing time. I think it helps me settle into my writing. But I'm also a whenever-wherever writer, grabbing snatches of time to get a few words down, and there are definitely no rituals involved then, lol. I guess we've all just gotta do whatever works for us. :)

Shockingly, I already have my words done for today. I actually wrote BEFORE turning on the computer! (I know, I can't believe it either, heh.) I've got time this afternoon, so I'll do some work on a non-MM project for a while, and maybe a bit more on MM.

Thanks for the check-in, Kim!
Sere said…
I used to be a night writer, but my day job has been taking it's toll on me and I find by the evening I can't string two words together. So I've been getting up in the mornings and writing at least 30 minutes before my dogs need walking. It's helping, but I'm still behind in my goals. Hoping this week is better!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yay for getting your word count in today! **I still need to wait until after homeschooling then I hope to hit this one revision chapter...again!

Kim Baccellia said…

Look at it this way--you're writing! You're getting something done. Even if its a few pages, words, it's a step in the right direction!

This Daylight Saving's Time put me back. I hate the spring forward thing. Even my parrots have a hard time adjusting!!!

Sending over some fairy writing dust!!!!
Carol Garvin said…
Congrats to 'Aquawrites'! Prizes are great incentives. :)

I don't have any specific writing rituals although I do create a collage of pictures related to each story. My office has a collection of talismen I've collected, but more often than not I do my writing in the family room, so I can't say they're useful to my process. I suppose the only real routine I have is in doing social media stuff first thing in the morning, followed by 'some' writing (the amount depends on what's on the day's schedule), and then doing the majority of writing in the late evening after everyone else has gone to bed. I'm definitely most productive in those early night hours.
Dawn Ius said…

Great post, Kim!

Sigh. I'm not the best at scheduling. I have GREAT intentions, and my sister even created this incredible calendar with reminders and everything to keep my many many projects straight. I'm getting BETTER...but I have a LONG way to go.

I love Dr. Pepper, but I really love Diet Coke. And while drinking it goes a bit against my health goals...I know I associate it with writing.

As for other routines...they kind of depend on the project, but I DO create a playlist. And I'm just starting with Pinterest boards. Also, I plot every chapter on a giant whiteboard and then erase it when it's done. I do love visuals!
Kim Baccellia said…

I swear by my Pinterest collages! I've even purchased iStock photos to put on it that help me with my characters.

I'm also more of an early morning person. **Totally wasn't when I was a teen or YA but now? Yes, I'm more productive in the morning unless I have deadlines and then I have to work nights!

Kim Baccellia said…

To be honest? I wasn't much into the whole scheduling thing either but when I was placed on academic probation at BYU(yes, I partied too much that first semester), I had to take a class on scheduling and it stuck with me.

I love vanilla diet Coke and my favorite treat? Once a week going to Ruby's Diner and having one of their fountain drinks. I have them mix diet Coke, vanilla, and cherry. So nommy. Red Robin does the same thing. And yes, I need my caffeine for writing. As a teacher I swore by the stuff!

I also use a whiteboard to map out my story. I've used butcher paper too.

Thanks for stopping in!
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks every one for stopping in and commenting!

Sending lots of fairy writing dust your way!

**And remember: Si, se puede! Yes, you can!
Busy busy semester for me. I'm writing non-stop in English, Spanish, and French. I'd been writing a short story for my writing class for the last three weeks and decided just a couple days ago to scrap it in lieu of a completely new idea. The story is due on Wednesday. While, I know exactly what I want to write, it's a matter of getting the story onto the page. Just 4,000 words. No biggie... eeps.

I had a more rigid schedule last semester, but I've been so overloaded with my coursework that I've forced myself to adapt. I've now grown accustomed to late night/early morning writing sessions. I average 3hr/night on sleep... I hope for things to improve very soon!

Have a great week!

Oh, I'm so behind! I'm checking in here anyway, though. This sort of piggybacks on Denise's post because I do a lot of visual stuff to keep me on task and in the groove for this particular WIP.

I ADORE Scrivener, and I use the cork board like crazy. All of my research files (character studies, setting elements, etc) have images for icons. For my last book, I wanted some details about the foliage that grew around the river I was writing about, so I did the research and "Pinned" images as notecards. Then I listed facts about each flower, plant, tree...

I do create playlists, too. I don't listen to them as I write though, because I'll start singing in my head instead of writing! Only instrumental stuff to write to.

Kim Baccellia said…

Wowza. Your post reminded me of my own crazy time while attending grad school, working full time, and trying to write. It was really tough. I ended up writing a few poems at that time but nothing big until after I was done with school.

To write a little something is an accomplishment! Waving pom-poms your way!!!!

Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

Yay, you!!!

I totally want to try Scrivener again. I'm thinking I might take one of those on-line classes from RWA that been offered on how to use this program. When I did try this software, I did love the cork board feature. The other parts I had a hard time with but to be honest? I wasn't really familiar with it.

I love instrumental music too. As a matter of fact I found one of my 13 year old's songs on his iPod was just 'perfect' to use while working through the climax of my sequel.

Thanks for stopping by!!!
KellyCalabrese said…
Hmmm... Scheduling. That's a hard one for me. I do try to block out hours in a day but the more strict I am, the more my brain rebels. I find that word count goals work better for me. I guess that is scheduling, but I am tricking myself into thinking I have freedom :)
Bonnie Jacoby said…
Wow, I won. Thanks.

My only schedule lately has been night time after 8pm for when I don't dance and after 10pm when I do. Eventually, I would love to write in the mornings. But, for now, that is my most efficient work time. My dream is to retire and replace that magic time with full time writing. Sigh.

The cool thing is that no matter how exhausted I am, as soon as I start writing, the time flies by and words spill out onto the screen. Nanowrimo taught me that.
Kim Baccellia said…

Email me at with your choice of a prize! I'll let Denise know and get back to you!

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