March Madness Day 30

We're almost there!!!!

Can you see the end is in fact in sight?

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Today I'm piggy backing on Denise's post and  thought it would be great if we can share some of our successes.  It doesn't have to be anything big, just a little something.

For me, I was able to get to the halfway mark of my revision plus, I was able to submit the first 25 pages to a YARWA contest.  I might not win or be a finalist but I'd never know if I don't sent it out, right?

So to everyone I'm doing a little celebrate dance for those successes, no matter how big or small they might be because  you did do it!

Stop at Shari's for the last day of March Madness!


Denise Jaden said…
Eek, I forgot to link to your blog on yesterday's post! But I fixed that now.

I'm almost done this draft. I've been working super hard all weekend and will push through today to do my best. It's a success even if I don't finish, but I'm usually pretty driven toward my goals, so it'll take a lot to stop me at this point!

Thanks so much for your great and inspiring posts this month, Kim!
Shari Green said…
You and Denise both have reminded me that it's important to celebrate the little successes, not just The Big Goal. (Because hey, we would never achieve that big goal if it weren't for all the little steps in the right direction, right?!) I tend to forget about celebrating, which is silly, because celebrations are fun and motivating. I did just get a great review on my YA, so I will celebrate that! :)

Still a ways to go on my MM goal, but it is within my reach. I can do this!!

Thanks so much for all your encouragement this month, Kim!
Kim Baccellia said…

No problem! I was able to write my post on Saturday night as we're 'trying' to not use internet on Sundays. **Do you like the way I say that? I use the internet at church and was able to check out your blog post.

Thank you for doing this! Just heard another author friend signed with an agency. Hoping I'll be next!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yes, it helps to look for the little successes too and not just the big ones or else we'll get frustrated/defended and throw the towel in!

Yay, for a great review. Those rock!

You're welcome on the motivation. I have to say all of you have helped me too. This biz can be lonely and it's easy to say like my thirteen-year-old if it gets too tough, that 'I can't do it.'

So I feel like I can't give up as that will only reinforce what my son thinks right now.

Thanks so much for your part of the March Madness too!
Dawn Ius said…
I love this post for many reasons, but in particular because it makes me feel less guilty for all of the "mini" successes I tend to celebrate. When my agent sold Anne & Henry last year, my husband and I celebrated with champagne. Every step has been about that now: I got my revisions—champagne! I turned in my revisions—champagne! I got copy edits—champagne! (You get the idea)

This month, I know I won't meet the goals I set out at the beginning of March Madness, but I'm okay with that, because a lot of other mini successes happened along the way.

Congrats on everyone's successes—mini or giant! And thank you for your motivation all month long.
Kim Baccellia said…

Ooh, love your idea of celebrating! When I sold my first novel, we went out to dinner. Lately though it's been Pandora charms for my bracelet. It helps!

Thanks for stopping in and for your own posts!
Sere said…
My little success for this month was to blog at least once. And I did. I never blog because it's mostly for my business. But I should do it more. Oh, and I wrote an article. I have kept to my practice of unplugging completely on the weekends- except if a client really needs my help. Then I'll text back. My sister and I made a pact of bi-weekly goals and when we hit them we get a special treat. It's been pretty good so far. Hoping to keep going!
So much yay to and for us all.

I think my brain's just pooped because I have a 30pg script revision AND a Spanish exam tomorrow.

I did watch "The Breakfast Club" again this weekend to help with my revision (as it's connected to my script), so the gif made me smile.

One day more of March Madness, but let #WIPMadness rage on!

Have a great week, everyone!


Kim Baccellia said…

Blogging once is good! And the same with your other 'little' goals. I like the idea of being accountable to someone and then rewarding self with a treat if you achieve that goal!

Thanks Sere for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…

Ugh on exams! This week is Spring break but once we get back it's in time for practice state tests as that major core curriculum exam is the end of April for those with special accommodations like my son.

The Breakfast Club is fun, isn't it? One of my all time fav movies of the 80s.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback!
Bonnie Jacoby said…
My goals were pretty modest, mainly to not get so wrapped up in life stuff that I put writing activities in the closet. Even when I couldn't find time to write, I still thought about it. Just like learning to say no and to schedule me time (without feeling guilty), allowing myself to focus on writing daily is a process. My family say that I've spoken more about writing than ever before and I sound so happy when I do. It doesn't feel like something to celebrate but I want to keep that happy glow. Next month my goal is to finish up those last 20 chapters of revision.
Carol Garvin said…
I've finished another chapter this evening, so that's worth at least a minor celebration. (I had ice cream.)

Now that I've reached a good pausing point, I may switch tasks before the end of tomorrow. There is a deadline approaching for the first stage of a contest that intrigues me. At least it's still writing related, right?

Thanks for your encouraging posts, Kim, and for hanging in there with us. We're all farther ahead than we would otherwise have been without #wipMadness!
Yes...I must celebrate. I may not have met my initial goals, but I made progress and had a few epiphanies along the way. the midst of it all, I won a prize for my photography and sold my first print, so I'm celebrating by buying some new photo equipment!

And, of course, there will be dark chocolate and red wine...

Way to go, Wipsters!
Kim Baccellia said…
Yay, Bonnie!!!!!!

I'm a firm believer in 'me' time. It's like my mom's friend Dee once told her, "If you don't take time for yourself? No one else is."

Double yay on that writer's glow!

Thanks for being a part of this!
Kim Baccellia said…

Each completed chapter is one step closer to that final goal. So congrats!!!!!!

Thank you for being a part of this too. Loved your nature themed posts!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

What do you mean you didn't make any progress? Winning first place with your photography and selling a piece is HUGE.


And thanks so much for being a part of this journey with all of us this month!

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