Friday Five

1. I wasn't able to participate in the Women's March but I was there in spirit.  One woman at the Yoga Place, told me she went to the one in LA and was blown away at all that showed up.  "It was multi-generational.  It brought back my activism."  She highly recommended not to be complacent and to be, "Active and vigilant."  This is a woman who marched in the Civil Rights movement and says that Angela Davis was her mentor.  Then she corrected me, when I said, 'Women's Rights.'  "This is a case of human rights."

Stay active and vigilant when the world around us seems to be trying into a very bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

A quote from Hillary Clinton:

"Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights.  Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely-and the right to be heard."

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2. Been working on my WIP.  So far up to 38K.

3. Also reading more books that take place during WWII.  

This is the sequel to PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG.  Gretchen returns to Germany after Daniel goes back when he hears about the tragic death of his cousin.  There's lots of suspense, mystery, and a forbidden love between the former darling of Hitler and a Jewish journalist.


Loving this bittersweet look into the last ten years of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's life.  The poems, essays are in Spanish but the translations are in the back.  I've been reading some of the Spanish poetry on Diego Rivera-her on again off again love-and can feel the pain and raw emotions.

Totally recommend!


My YA Books Central review:


The big message though has to be how Fish Girl gains the strength and determination to know she can do anything. That includes standing up to Neptune and the truth behind the aquarium.

The illustrations are nothing short of gorgeous. I love how they show Fish Girl's journey from being passive to a courageous heroine.
Magically coming of age tale of a girl who finds that she has the power to do anything.

**Guilty Pleasure:  Plan on grabbing some Peruivan food after we drop son off at church for his scout's high adventure in the mountains.

This lomo saltado is to die for!  Rice, french french, veggies, and chicken.  So good!


Little Willow said…
Stay active and vigilant. Yes, indeed.

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