#Wipmadness Week Three-What's Distracting You in Your Writing?

On Friday we went to see Pompeii The Exhibition at the California Science Center in the hub of Los Angeles.  We were excited to see this traveling exhibit.

I loved the history and the knowledge that these things were owned by actual people some 2000 years ago!  Plus, my second book in the goddess series has Aphrodite messing with Jordan.

Pompeii was the hub of the Roman Empire around the 1st century.  It was kind of like the NYC of that time.  The place to go and be seen.

I realized that the Romans took their Gods from the Greeks.  This painting is of Venus, who is the Roman's goddess of love.

Another statue of Venus:

The painting of Aphrodite's birth:

A statue of a young male:

13 year old though only noticed one thing.  Can you tell me what it was?

Son's reaction on most of the exhibit:

 "Mommy, serious?  Is this all about NAKED PEOPLE?"

Seems son didn't like looking at the classics as he only saw one thing--the nudity, which overpowered everything else in the otherwise amazing exhibition.

"I know what guy parts look like but I DON'T WANT TO SEE A LADIES."

So for today's #Wipmadness theme I'm wondering if any of you also get distracted by something albeit your writing, life, or other things that has you lose sight of your main objective--your writing.

I saw during this exhibit fascinating glimpses into a world that time had forgotten but to son?  All he saw was a bunch of naked people that embarrassed him.

In my writing sometimes I get distracted by my very busy schedule or even when someone I know gets that call and/or offer that seem to be out of my reach.  So I forget that I have to work on my writing to get to that point that I will get noticed and hopefully get that call too.

For all of you, that do get a case of distraction, I'm sending some fairy writing dust, to keep all of us on track!

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This week I'm adding this MG book to the selection:

Kate has created a fun MG series filled with suspense and adventure.  These heroes are looking for missing artwork that takes them to Paris, France!  A great series for reluctant readers with the added bonus of historical facts and fun illustrations.


Denise Jaden said…
I definitely get distracted by my busy schedule. I also tend to put everyone else's needs before my own (I think it's a mom-thing).

I just decided on a whim to start fast-drafting a new book today, along with my online fast-drafting writing class. It's a middle grade book and I just came up with the idea the other day. I'm just kind of in the mood to write something for fun, no matter what comes of it.
Kim Baccellia said…
Yup, on the putting everyone else's needs before mine. Just now son couldn't get why I couldn't drop everything and take him to his friend's house. I told him that I need to go to coffee house and get this revision done. So we compromised on the time. To him, I don't really work--which is beyond annoying as I also have a part-time job where I score national exams. Or it's just a tween thing.

Good luck with your drafting! I've been wanting to start a new project too. Something different than my usual projects.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!!
Carol Garvin said…
Yay!!! What a nice surprise! Thanks, Kim! I've just sent you an e-mail.

Distractions? There are so many tasks I wanted to finish during these meant-to-be-free summertime weeks, but a whole month has already passed and I don't think I've checked a single thing off the list. I'm still writing every day, even if I'm not moving ahead very quickly on my WIP. It's too easy to let the hot weather, family visits, vacation plans or the garden distract me, but I'm not too worried. The way it's going, summer will soon be over and I'll be complaining about having to get back to my off-season routine. (Did I just say that? Nooooo!) :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Congrats, Carol!!!!

I so can relate with you on the distractions during the summer. As a matter of fact I'm leaving on Friday for a quick trip up to Sacramento area to visit my family. Then back home to hopefully get back into the final part of this revision!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!
I'm splashing that dust all over me! Yes, I get distracted...mostly by emotions. As you all know, I've been going through some unpleasant stuff at work, which has left me uninspired and loathing myself. It has colored my own perception of my WIP and made me feel inadequate all over. That is the kind of distraction that really drags me down.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it is hard, especially when I'm that creative type who also chooses pursuits that inevitably lead to an abundance of rejection. ((sigh))

I need to take my WIP on a picnic and get to know her again. Put on some nice music, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy her company.

Now I just need a nice getaway location...
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh. Great post. GREAT post, lol. As for my own distractions, would you believe every. thing. is distracting me. I have decided that maybe I should set aside the wip (a mg novel) and work on something entirely different ? Maybe. I don't know yet, giving it another go today....
Kim Baccellia said…
Oh, no, Mary Ann! What happened? Cyber hugs. Rejections are a big part of this biz but that doesn't mean that they don't sting any less.

Here's hoping for a better week! **I know all too well about finding a getaway stop. For me it's the local coffee house. Somehow the creative juices start flowing there when I'm away from daily distractions like husband who works from home and son who's off on vacation.

Thanks for stopping by and remember I'm cheering for you!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

You can do it!!!! I'm shaking my cheerleader pompoms your way!!!!

Summer is so hard with all the distractions thrown our way.

Also sending some fairy writing dust your way!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Shari Green said…
My distraction this week has been our family roadtrip/vacation! I thought I'd write as we drove... brought my WIP notebook with me, but didn't even pull it out of my bag the entire 2-1/2 weeks! Too much scenery, activities, and visiting. I get home tomorrow, and I'm anxious to get back to writing!
Kim Baccellia said…
Shari, I'll be leaving in a few to visit my own family in Sacramento. I won't write but do plan to take lots of photos!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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