Friday Five

1. Been busy this week working hard on my revision!

Almost to the climax of my story which means I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yay!!!!

2. This afternoon will be boarding Southwest Airlines to go to a birthday party in Sacramento! It'll be nice to see my family even if the weather is supposed to be in the 100s.

3. Just finished reading:

Think a teen X-men with super powers like using a person's DNA and changing into them.

**I purchased this book as Penguin Teen send me the sequel:


Plan to read this on trip over to Sacramento.

5. Looking forward to reading this nonfiction tale set in Paris!

I'm part of a traveling blog tour! What's not to love? A woman goes back to the guy she left in Paris. Sounds mega romantic!

**Guilty Pleasure:

I have to say it'll be fun to see my sisters/mom/stepdad Elwood again.

**This was taken back in 1974 or so. No, it hasn't been that long but it kind of feels like it. Been almost 6 years since I've been to Sacramento. Funny, how I told myself I'd NEVER go back when I left back in 1983 to attend BYU. One thing I've learned is family, no matter how crazy, has your back. And right now that's nice to know especially with the whole mother-in-law thing out here. So yes, it'll be nice to visit home.


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