Friday Five

1. This week I've been hitting my revisions big time in hopes to get the second goddess book off to my editor by August 1st.  Here's hoping I make this deadline!

2. I won a free cover from Paper and Page during last week's #YALITCHAT chat on covers.  I'm really excited as she'd making on for the second goddess book with a Parisian theme!  Can't wait to share!  Oh, here's her site:

3. Latest on MIL: she 'lost' her purse with everything in it, including her passport, two sets of car keys, and other things but only told us late Sunday night.  (Apparently it happened last Thursday).  It's been really hard with her as she's very demanding, needy, and expects everyone--mostly husband--to drop everything and do things for it.  It's gotten worse, not better, with her in assistant living.  Sigh.  Need to set more borders and also have the assistant living place do what they're supposed to do.  So yeah, very stressful.  Thank goodness I'm going to Sacramento next week to visit with my family!  It'll be nice to not be around this for a few days.

4. Books this week include one amazing series that fans of Beth Revis and also ALIENATED series will love.

This is an unique twist on the whole traveling to another world to settle premise.  Totally loving.  There's also hints of an alien love in the second book which does deliver.

Here's the trailer:

5. And I'm not almost done with the second book:
Terra is now on the planet and finds the boy of her dreams. Only problem is he's an alien. LOVING this story so much!

**Guilty pleasure:

We're going to LA to see this exhibition:


Little Willow said…
Happy Friday, Kim!
Kim Baccellia said…
Happy weekend, Allie! Hope you're having a great one!

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