Wipmadness Week 2- Aiming for Writing Goals

This last week son attended Boy Scout camp.  He had a fun time with the other boys in our church and one of his favorite activities was working towards getting his rifle shooting Merit badge.  He even spend extra time and money so he could practice.

**This was really hard for me to give him permission to do this with the history of gun violence in my family but I figured it would be better if he learned how to use one since most of his friend's families do have guns.  Still, though, it was tough.  Husband went on Wednesday till the end and watched and made sure the scouts kept their promise to tell son and other boys the consequences of not using a gun correctly.


Today's theme is are you right on the mark with your writing?  Or are you like me and go way off the bulls eye and have to do like my son and practice numerous times before you get a project to a point that you're happy with?

Using son's Merit badge experience for our example:

First you need to get all the materials you need together.  For me it's a printed draft with numerous comments throughout or critique buddies feedback.

You then get started or actually do those revisions, writing, etc.

Then you aim and go for your target.  For me it's been actually hitting my revision and asking for help from a critique buddy who gave me insights and feedback that helped me get closer to that bulls eye.  I was able to revise almost 200 pages in the 3 days that son and husband were gone at camp.  Yay me!

Son did earn his Merit badge but only after lots of practice and not giving up even when at first it was harder than he thought.

So don't give up!  Be persistent and go for your goals!

Remember I'm cheering for all of you!

**Last week's winner is:

Mary Ann

Email me at ixtumea@gmail.com for your choice of galley you'd like! Here's the link to the books that are available!  http://kimbacceliasweblogfantasy.blogspot.com/2014/07/wipmadness-week-1.html

And make sure to comment, RT for a chance at winning a galley for next week!!!!

And here's another galley up for grabs:

My YABC review: http://www.yabookscentral.com/yafiction/17061-get-even

Teaser: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS meets a murderous A-type set in a private Christian school backdrop where an underground group of teens against bullying find that their enemies might be more than they can handle. Karma sometimes isn't sweet.


Denise Jaden said…
That's a great analogy, Kim! And, no, I certainly don't shoot on target...Usually what I do is shoot way off target, then take a step or two closer and shoot again, then a step or two closer. I don't hit the target until I'm practically right on top of it. LOL.
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks, Denise! Totally the same with me on not hitting the target till I'm right on top of it.

Thanks for stopping by! Sending some writing magic dust your way too!
Shari Green said…
I definitely go off target. When I realize it, I re-aim and carry on, then eventually go back and fix all the off-target stuff through many (many, many) rounds of revisions. :)
SQUEEEEE! Thanks, Kim!

Lately I feel as though I can't even find the target. Usually, I plod along and send chapters to one of my beta readers and keep notes as I go to remind me of things I need to flesh out or fit better, mapping it out. Once I get the draft down, though, I rock revision (over and over again!). The first time I cut 6 chapters I think I bled! My agent suggested it, and she was so right. I can usually get the flow going with revision and see the target more clearly.

This one, however, is a little more elusive, but I'm going try to find my target this month and take aim.

Kim Baccellia said…
Me too, Shari with all the rounds of edits. I just got feedback on my one revision that I thought was almost there. Nope.

Back to the revision board!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

Congrats! I should be able to send you the book this Thursday!

You can do it with the edits!!!!!

I just got feedback from my writing mentor on my edgier YA thriller that it still needs yet more work on it. I really felt it was almost ready to sent out but thank goodness I had someone else take a look at it. In my case it's like I need a steady hand to make sure I don't go way off target!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Sending some revising magic dust your way!
Carol Garvin said…
Great analogy, Kim. I come from a hunting family and have been handling a rifle since I was 12 (supervised by my Dad in those days). I was pretty accurate when it came to target practice, but that doesn't seem to be translating into hitting my writing goals now. LOL!

The days are slipping away and I'm getting even less writing done than I expected. But, hey! it's summer, so I'm not beating myself up about it. My 'bullseye' isn't clearly defined other than to continue working ahead on a first draft, and I'm doing that.
Kim Baccellia said…

Isn't that the truth about summer? The only reason I was able to get so much done last week is because my husband and son were gone at scout camp for most of the week. It was great! Then harder when they came back. Add to that more MIL issues. But you can do it! Even if it's a little bit, I know you can work towards that target!

Thanks for stopping by!

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