Wipmadness Week 1

Hi, everyone! I'm excited to be your host for this month's #wipmadness!

I'm glad it's summer! I'm burned out with teaching and need a break! I hope to finish my revision of book two in the goddess series and get back to El Compuesto! Also my one publisher wants to read more of the sequel to CROSSED OUT!

My plans for this month and next include:

Scheduling more writing time at the local coffee house and nearby library. It's really hard to write at home as husband works there and son is off for the summer.

But I also hope to take it easy:

and visit my own family in Sacramento!

My question for all of you is what are your goals for this month? Do you have anything standing in the way of accomplishing them and if you do, how do you overcome those odds?

Remember, I'm cheering for you all!

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And what would #Wipmadness be without prizes to help motive you all?

Comment and RT on FB and Twitter for a chance at winning one of the following: **I'm also posting little teasers from my YABC reviews!

Like No Other by Una LaMarche

I'm a total sucker for a bittersweet love story and this one delivers. Think modern day WEST SIDE STORY with an engaging voice and two characters that you hope will somehow overcome the odds against them. And the odds are huge for this couple.


The whole premise of something wicked happening in a small town and the hypocrisy of the townspeople reminds me so much of a Ray Bradbury story only with much more woven throughout. She also reminds me a bit of Francesca Lia Block, another one of my favorite authors!

Don't Look Back by J.Armentrout

An amazing thriller

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Think Steampunk meets 1844 Scotland with one kickass heroine that would give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money. Only in this case the heroine is supposed to be the proper lady with a secret: she's a faery slayer and loves it.

End Times by Anna Schumacher

Great voice with intriguing twists on an end of the world premise. Fascinating backdrop that foreshadows where the Rapture might occur with characters that will keep you guessing on their roles in all of this.


Denise Jaden said…
Thanks so much for hosting this month, Kim! It's already going to be a crazy month for me, but I still hope to get through this pass of the screenplay I'm working on.
Thanks for hosting, Kim! My goal is primarily to stay sane and try to focus on writing again. My motivation has taken a beating over the last couple of months. So has my confidence.

My goal is to get at least 2 chapters done and get some full-force momentum going.

Rock on, Wipsters!
Kim Baccellia said…
Ooh, a screenplay! I've been working to take a class in that! Good luck, Denise and thanks for dropping by!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann, I totally know what you mean about staying sane this month! I'm very busy with things including son's camp trip this week, visiting my family in Sacramento in a couple more weeks, and doing some home maintenance stuff.

Good luck with your goals this month. Sending some fairy writing dust your way!

Carol Garvin said…
Thanks for doing the July hosting, Kim.

Summertime may have a reputation for long, lazy, do-nothing days but in my household there's been more than usual filling my days, leaving less time for writing. But vacation time is coming! My July goal is to give an earlier manuscript another run-through and ready it for submission in mid-August. Only time will tell if I actually manage to do it. I have another story on the go that keeps begging for my attention. LOL.

I hope everyone is enjoying a summer full of sunshiny days.
Kim Baccellia said…
So, very true Carol! This week had to send son off to scout camp and husband too as he'll be helping out. Then there's the whole MIL thing with assistant living which is very involved.

Good luck with your manuscript!

Sending you some writing magic dust to help you along!

Thanks for stopping in!
Thanks for hosting! And I love the cover for DON'T LOOK BACK...

This month is a busy one! I'm working on the first draft of my WIP, which I want to finish before fall. I'm also setting up the blog tour for THE PAPER MAGICIAN and getting ready for #PitchWars in August! Assisi expecting edits back for THE GLASS MAGICIAN soon too. The only hindrance is that I can only work during the baby's nap time. ;)
Girl Parker said…
I'm crazy late and have been out of the loop for a while, but I'm happy to be back! Thanks for hosting, Kim. I just finished one scheduling hurdle and now have a few weeks of peace before my part-time job begins. Draft, draft, draft baby!! That's the goal. Cheering for everyone here. =)
Kim Baccellia said…

Yay, on getting ready for a blog tour! I totally swear by these and have done more than a few myself! What is #PitchWars?

Thanks so much for stopping in!

**Oh, I totally know about finding time to write when baby is napping. I did this myself a while back. At that time son took nice long naps that was so nice! Later, though it got a little more challenging. Thank goodness for notepads!

Kim Baccellia said…

Ooh, never too late to jump back in! And I know all about the drafting. **Just yesterday was brainstorming ideas for book three in the goddess series, along with a possible spin-off series.

You can do it! Sending some magic drafting dust your way!!!!

And thanks for stopping by!

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