Friday Five

1. This week I've been collecting items for son's scout trip next week. Did I mention how $$$ this trip is going to be? Son's camp master- can't go this year so he asked husband to help out. So that was more money I didn't plan on. Sigh. But on the plus side? I'll have the house ALL TO MYSELF! Now just need to cross my fingers mother-in-law doesn't have a drama moment or two like she did yesterday morning. Double sigh.

2. Love when I get packages that include books:

3. I was really excited to get the latest Kimberly Derting book:



I'm a huge fan of Kimberly Derting's THE PLEDGE series and was really excited to be able to read her latest novel.

Mysterious and suspenseful, this novel shows us sixteen-year-old Kyra waking up and finding out she's lost five years. This is more than a Sleepy Hollow type of story as Kyra hasn't changed at all. Things that she has love and even her family seem off somehow. Here's when the creepy factor comes in. A stranger appears at her home, telling her he can help but something isn't right. Add one very cute brother of a former boyfriend and another guy who seems to everywhere. Secrets will be revealed but will Kyra be able to accept what comes with the truth including losing those she loves once again?

4. Of course loved this book:



Fast-paced engaging adventure set in the world of professional cycling with a determined girl who sets out to resolve her friend of a wrongdoing. A must read for those who love suspense, adventure, and hints of romance set in a Latin American countryside.

5.Also a reminder if you are boycotting Amazon? My book NO MORE GODDESSES is available here:Indiebound

Love supporting Indie stores!

**Guilty Pleasure

Getting a much needed pedi/mani on Saturday.

Not sure what we'll be doing on July 4th as Mother-in-law might be in the hospital after getting a really bad case of a virus going around. **Hope son doesn't get it as he'll be at camp next week.


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