Week 4 of #Wipmadness

Thanks so much for stopping by during this month of #wipmadness! I'm cheering you on!

For my final post of this month, I thought I'd talk about karma. You know the saying: What you do comes back to you?

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In this biz, it can be tough at times. The ups and downs are like being on a roller coaster ride. You get on the coaster, not sure what to expect and then experience highs(like signing with an agent, signing a book deal, successful author speaking/signing engagements, landing on the NYT best sellers list) and then the lows(rejections galore, low book sales).

You have to be tough.

I've found it really helps to cheer on my fellow authors when they have successes and hope that karma will come back and bite me some time later on.

I really love what is posted in http://writerswin.com/karma-secrets-to-author-success

The Giving Game

The idea of giving first is as old as time. What we give returns to us. You know how karma works. Karma says that what we give out is what returns to us.
What an opportunity! If we focus on giving, on sharing, on helping – then that positive energy will return to us. It may go against our natural grain to put ourselves aside and promote another author’s book, but that’s what activates the karma principle and sets things in motion. It’s the essence of karma and the subject of numerous proverbs, as well as some contemporary thinkers..International Book Marketer, Public Speaker, Book Coach and Author Advocate, Nancy Baumann’.

So, for today, I'm sending out mega fairy dust to all
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of you.

Here's to some great successes to everyone. Be it getting through that writer's block, to finishing that revision, first draft, deadline. To just feeling motivated to get back in that chair and write.

Si, se puede! You can do it!!

Remember what actress Gina Rodriquez said, "Why not me?" Exactly. Why not you?

Now since no one claimed the first week's prize, I'm opening it up again. Just comment here and RT on Twitter for a chance to win! I'll announce the winner on Twitter next Monday!


Denise Jaden said…
Thanks for hosting, Kim! I know it's been a super slow month, but I've been glad to have your encouragements each week :-)

I totally agree with the giving first attitude, and focusing on that part of it.
Carol Garvin said…
Sure hope you steered cleared of whatever was trying to bring you down last week and you were able to enjoy a nice birthday.

Thanks for your efforts here on our behalf. I agree a positive attitude can make a big difference for us. I'm also a strong believer in the 'helping hand' principle. Wherever we are on the ladder to success, in the writer's community there's always someone willing to reach down and lend a hand, and we should be equally willing to reach out to whoever might be behind us and help them along, too.
Thank you for hosting, Kim. You have really helped me keep moving this month!

I'm going to splash that fairy dust all over me and then send it out to all of my #wipmadness pals!
Kim Baccellia said…
First off, thanks guys for showing up each week this month for #Wipmadness!
Kim Baccellia said…

Thanks! Sometimes I have to remind myself to look for the positive as it's so easy to get dragged down with the negatives.

Thanks for stopping by! Sprinkling some fairy writing dust your way!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yes, I had a great birthday! Was able to take it easy and enjoy myself. I even was able to work a little on my revision!

Sprinkling some fairy writing dust your way!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Ann,

Ooh, thanks! Love to hear this!

I'm taking this one online RWA class on looking for things that stall you in your writing and breaking through them.

Glad my posts have helped!

Sprinkling some fairy writing dust your way!!!

Thanks for stopping in!

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