Friday Five

1. Ugh, thought I deflected getting the nasty bug.  Sigh.  Started feeling weird yesterday.  Achy, sneezing all the time, and kind of woozy.  My birthday is TOMORROW and I hope I won't be sick.

Did I mention having a birthday in January sucks?  Seems either everyone is sick or someone dies.

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2.Been catching up on STAR CROSSED on my new Kindle Fire:

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3. Excited to get these Scholastic books:

Right now reading ALL FALL DOWN by Ally Carter and totally LOVING the voice of Grace.

4. Found these Latina dolls at Santa Ana, Ca Target.  At first was excited, now not so sure:

5. Finishing reading the ebook novella:

Love this series so much!  Think The Bachelor meets dystopian world.

**Guilty pleasure:

Crossing fingers I'll feel better tomorrow so I can go get my birthday peel.  Love this one!


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