Friday Five

1. So, my week started off on a very sad note.

At 11:11 pm Sunday night, our sweet Jenny died.  I had her for six years and she was filled with personality and love.  At our last vet visit, they found a toxicity and wasn't sure what and how she got that inside.  This was the cause of her little seizures.  Sunday started out okay but she was very clingy and just wanted me to hold her.  Which I did.  Then around 8pm it all went down  At the end we put her in a blanket as she couldn't perch anymore and had her favorite toy close.  I put her on my bed and son and I stroked her, staying close.  Then she jumped up and went in a massive seizure, which ended in her death.  Son said he was 'shocked' and I was very sad but also relived she wouldn't have to go through any more shots, meds, or trauma.

RIP Jenny.  We'll miss you.

2.  Okay, wiping my eyes, other more upbeat stuff.

Just finished reading Jennifer Lynn Barnes's latest about a girl that is able to see into criminal minds: a profiler.  This is a fast-paced, action packed novel with interesting insights into the mind of a teen Profiler.

3. Finished SEDUCTION:

I'm a huge sucker for great witchy tales and this one didn't disappoint.  Plus, extra points for being set in Paris, France.  This is the third book in a series.  **So of course, I ordered the other books!

4. One word on how I feel about this book:


The banter between Ren and Ivy is hilarious and filled with tons of tension.  Both are fae hunters in New Orleans.  Not only is the setting hot but so are the characters.


Totally in love with Armentrout's writing which I swear gets more awesome with each new book she writes.


Ooh, got an email that told me that I got another 5 star Amazon review on CROSSED OUT.


**And yes, I'm almost done with the revision for the sequel.

****Guilty pleasure:

This Saturday I'll be going to OCCRWA meeting which will have the editor of Entangled speaking on revising.  Can't wait.

Plus, I earned another rose!  OCCRWA has a ceremony that they give out roses to those who sign contracts and also recognize self-pubbed authors too.

I just signed a contract for book three in the goddesses series.  This one will take place in Rome, Italy.  I'm kind of following Audrey Hepburn's later 50s movies with book 2 set in Paris, France and finally ending in Rome.  Plus, thinking of doing a spin-off with Selena and her own adventures.


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