Friday Five

1. Excited to get this package from YA Books Central:

2. Right now reading:

Loving this book!  Best part has to be the Italian setting with hints of a 'vacation' romance!

3. Also reading this:

This book so far is reminding me of a 90s TV sitcom--

Lots of similarities only in UTOPIA it's told from a teen's POV.  Town is filled with people with paranormal abilities.  Lots of movie references throughout that, to me, took me out of an otherwise entertaining tale.

4. Loved this novella!

CAN'T WAIT for INVADED that comes out next week.

5. Getting into mood by ordering episodes of STAR CROSSED for my Fire:

**Guilty pleasure:

Plan on having lunch with some friends!  Should be fun to get away for a few!


Kai Strand said…
I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on Frostfire. Amanda Hocking's career has been so intriguing.
Kim Baccellia said…
I'm a huge Hocking's fan. Her writing is tons better after she landed the big traditional press deal and even she admits a good editing job makes a big difference. I really like her as she's humble about her whole writing journey from self-pubbed to bigger star.

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