Today the first twitter hashtag will be at 2pm PST.

I'm totally a huge advocate of diversity in literature. I'm kind of bummed as I might miss the first hashtag as I'll be at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee house and with the recent 70mph winds? I might not get a connection. So for that reason I thought I'd share some of my own photos to call awareness to the lack of diversity in children and YA literature.

Twelve-year-old son with one of his favorite MGs with diversity. Here's what he says:

"We need diverse books because I want to read more stories with not just white people."

I want more books that reflect my son and my Latino culture. I also want books that celebrate the rich Muslim heritage for my two adorable biracial nephews. I want more African-American books. More Asian books. More GLBT books too.

One section of my library with multicultural books. I couldn't find a couple other books but other than that? This is about it. Sad, huh?

The big thing is we can talk ourselves blue in the face about this but until we support those publishers like Tu Books and others that do publish diverse literature? We'll go no where. So my big challenge is to go out there and purchase from authors/publishers that do have diversity in their books.


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