Friday Five

1. This week son's been taking the CAASPP test, which is the 'new' California standardized test using Core Curriculum. My thoughts so far is that it will mean educators will have to go about teaching in a whole different way. I'm just glad it's over...for this year!

2. Got a big bag of books from Penguin! Loving this publisher!

3. Reading FIENDISH right now:

So far loving the voice of this creepy YA!

4. Finished reading:

This is a YA historical with paranormal elements. Intriguing concept of a girl who is told she's the illegitimate daughter of magician Houdini. Fans of Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS will really enjoy this series too!

5. If you've been watching the news, Southern Ca, especially San Diego area, has been a fire zone with not one but seven fires going on at the same time. I'm really worried about this fire season. I live by the foothills and in a fire zone. This is all bringing back memories of the 08 Santiago Fires. We were evacuated and trust me it's no fun watching your street go up in flames while you're in a hotel, waiting for word to return.

**Guilty pleasure:

I so deserve this after all the commuting I've been doing this week for son.

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