Friday Five

1. This week I've been scoring for a national educational firm and admit I've been 'bad' with my writing! But I plan to use the money to pay for writing classes/workshops and other things for my writing career. Still, will try to be better!

2. So someone from my past has come out and not in the good way. This person has been lying about what she's doing to the point of saying she is a psychologist when we know better. One part of me is trying to ignore this but another part is tempted to say something. She tried to get me to friend her on FB but I ignored the request. Hopefully nothing will come of it. Oh the joys of the internet!

3. In other more positive news:

Got a package from Penguin books:

OMG, I was so happy, I did my own dance:

This is the companion novel that follows the Tudors. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Think CW's Reign only so much better!

YA Books Central review coming soon!

4. Also picked up my copy of VAMPIRE ACADEMY! It's only $12.99 this week at Target!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Which had me order the first book in the spin-off series!

5. Tried the new Oprah chai tea at Starbucks. Verdict? Loved!

Photo courtesy of

**Guilty Pleasure:

Getting my brows waxed at Benefit counter. They do a great job!

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