Friday Five

1. Ugh. Son won't be 13 until next month but already he's doing the whole teen thing with the 'tude and more. Thinking maybe I need to take one of those classes on how to communicate with your teen. OMG, did I actually just admit that? I've been trained to work with children up to age 12 but never really worked with teenagers.

2. Right now reading:

Verdict so far? Loving this Bachelor meets dystopian world. Can't wait to see who America chooses. This is a very satisfying conclusion to an amazing series.

3. Finished reading this series:

This is a perfect beach book filled with romance with a protagonist looking for the truth about herself in the lush Tuscany, Italy backdrop.

4. Book 2:

This book follows Violeta and Luca after she finds a hint of who she might be.

Here's my YA Books Central review:

Teaser: What worked: The Italian setting which is a character. The author does a wonderful job showing the lush backdrop of Italy in such a way I felt like I was there! She did a great job weaving in Italian in such a way that I understood what was being said. There's also some history that is shown in a way that adds to the charm.

5. Really want to read the first book in this series:

A YA Books Central from fellow editor Christina Franke:

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to Irvine Spectrum and picking up a couple books and then going to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to pick up some of their nom-worthy Vanilla Rooibos.

Photo courteous Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. com

And tomorrow going to my local OCC RWA meeting. I'm excited on what will be the topics:

Jacqueline Diamond
“Your Writing Career Mistakes to Avoid”

Dr. Leeshawn Cradoc-Moore
“Relax and Be Fierce Not Afraid”

Here's the blog site of my fab RWA charter:


Little Willow said…
Happy Friday!
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks! You're too sweet! Have a great Friday too!

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