Friday Five

1. Seven more days of school left but who's counting?


2. Son went to mother-in-law's assistant living place to put together a photojournalism piece showing the life in the day of someone at one of these places.

My favorite photos:

**Penguin Teen sent me a few awesome books!

3. Finished reading the amazing BRAZEN.

Teaser from my YA Books Central review:

 Historicals are one of my all time favorite genres. I also love anything that deals with the Tudors. So when I found out there was a YA historical that took place in the 16th century around the time of King Henry VIII? I had to read it. My first read was TARNISH which tells the story of a young Anne Boleyn, before she was queen. I devoured the book in one setting. After that, I picked up GILT which tells the story of another young woman in King Henry's court. BRAZEN is the latest companion book in this series and it's just as amazing as the other two!

What worked: Ohmigod, EVERYTHING. There is court intrigue, friendship, fashion, dalliances, and hot court guys. We are introduced to Catherine Howard, the unknown wife of Henry VIII's illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy. Though she's married, it's nothing more than basically a political arrangement. Problem is Catherine starts to fall in love with Fitz and the consequences of acting on her love can be deadly. One thing everyone knows is not to cross the King. Heads literally will roll. Rules are broken along the way with Catherine and her two close friends, Margaret and Madge in the name of love. Only later do they face the painful consequences.

4. Right now reading this: 
Everyone in the publishing world has been asking for diversity in books and this one delivers!  Think a modern day West Side Story of forbidden love.  So far can't put it down!

5. Also this book fit with all the news about cyber bullying:

A teaser from my YA Books Central review:

In THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE we see Alice Franklin, who most girls envy for her so-called perfect body and ability around guys, the guys who want her, and the friend who resents not being like her. Then one tragic event sets off one rumor that she slept with not one guy but two until it snowballs into she was the reason why the popular jock dies in a car accident. Rumors continue to fly until one starts the 'slut stall' which escalates the viciousness.

What worked: The viciousness of how a text message can spread rumors and gossip to the point of destroying the reputation of a girl. This is shown in a brutally raw way that is very painful. The 'truth' is slowly unraveled after we hear from different people who knew Alice. 

**If you missed my #YesAllWomen blog post, here it is:

**Guilty pleasure:

After our ES, Laura comes to check on our homeschooling, we hope to go out to lunch together at Round Table Pizza.  Nom.


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