Wipmadness Week Three

My gosh, can you believe it's already February 17th! We're halfway through the month.

My question is how is everyone's writing going? Share!!!!

I've been taking an on-line RWA writing and have been trying to narrow what my wip is about in one paragraph. Well, right now it's down to one sentence:

While searching for her sister so she'll be allowed back into her cult-like community, 17 yr old Espie falls in love with her enemy.

Can any of you share what your WIP/projects are about?

Shaking pom-poms your way and also sending some fairy plot dust your way too!

And continue writing!!!

***Our winner from last week is....


And for this week I'll be giving away:



Happy Birthday to my amazing 13-year-old daughter! (How did that get here so fast?)

The WIP is about a girl with Aspergers who is also clairvoyant. That's all I can share right now, as I standing under the fairy plot dust and splash it all over myself!

Party on, Wipsters!
Candilynn Fite said…
I won!!! Yay! Thanks, Kim :)) Do I pick from these here or the ones from last week's post?

I'm with Mary Ann. Standing in a shower of fairy dust. Let it rain! As I work on revisions for my New Adult Romantic Mystery, I'm fixing plot holes, adding detail, more suspense, and deepening character. I wrote the novel during a camp NaNo in 2012, so lots needs to be done.

Write on, Wipsters!
Kim Baccellia said…
Ooh, Mary Ann, your WIP sounds amazing! Love paranormals. You know I have a child with sensory issues and I'm always looking for books with protagonists with similar issues.

Here's another dose of fairy plot dust! **I figure we never can have enough! Need to stand with you to get some more too!

Kim Baccellia said…

Congrats! You can chose from last weeks picks or if you want one of the books from today? That's fine! Just let me know. Email me at ixtumea@gmail.com with your snail mail addy and I should be able to mail it tomorrow as I'll be at the post office then.

Ooh, a New Adult romance mystery? Sounds very intriguing. Loving my OCCRWA conferences/workshops. Planning on attending a huge one in March on plotting out the romance novel. Should be fun!

Deb said…
Yay for WIPMADNESS. Feels good to be back in with you all. Not sure on the WIP. It will be a novel. That is about as much as I have! BUT, looking forward to exploring possibles so that when March arrives I am ready with a paragraph and outline.

Happy B day to Mary Ann's girl and like she said, Party On Wipsters!
Little Willow said…
Current projects include a full-length dramatic play!
Denise Jaden said…
I've been working on a variety of projects this month. At the moment, I'm revising a retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I'm kind of a Christmas fanatic, so I quite enjoy thinking about Christmas in February (or anytime, really!)
Kim Baccellia said…

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, can't wait for March Madness too!
Kim Baccellia said…
Little Willow,

Ooh, a play? Very exciting! I wanted to take a screenwriting class but never got a chance. Some day!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Baccellia said…

Ooh, love The Christmas Carol. One of my all time favorite Christmas stories!

Sounds fun!
Tweaking/revising/reimagining my Camp NaNo darling AARALYN'S SONG.

The town of Hamelin is attacked. Children have gone missing. Fifteen year old Aaralyn, a Piper who heals through music and Princess in hiding, must rescue her brother, ten year old Caleb, the Heir to the Throne, who was abducted when they were ambushed trying to escape the attacks.

1) Save Caleb.
2) Tell Caleb that he happens to be a Prince.
3) Have Caleb take his rightful place on the throne (and to save the kingdom from their nefarious uncle, Prince Blagden.)
4) Try not to die in the process.

With the help of her guardian Mother Hubbard (think Alfred Pennyworth, Mrs. Garrett, and Alice from the Brady Bunch), a boy from their orphanage Jack (a mash-up of many Jack personas), along with her godfather Robin of Locksley (who is more widely known in this universe as the Sheriff of Nottingham), and others, Aaralyn embarks on a journey of the reluctant heroine.

AARALYN'S SONG, a YA Fantasy/Steampunk Adventure with Romantic Elements, is a standalone story with series potential. It's set in a mashed-up literary universe but whose literary characters are not quite as how we remembered them.

I already hear sleigh bells... don't you? Blink and the year will be over.

I hope that means these revisions will be over, too!

Have a great week, everyone,

Carol Garvin said…
This has been another non-productive week for me as far as visible writing is concerned, but I'm getting into the mindset necessary for March Madness. A little thinking, a little planning... a lot of procrastinating, if I'm being truthful. I think I need a little of that fairy plot dust!

What's coming together is my new project -- there's an international flight, a missing Shetland Sheepdog, and a dead airlines mechanic for starters. Now if I can just start getting it down on the page!

Happy writing, wipsters!
Shari Green said…
Ooh, Mom, that sounds so intriguing! Write like mad, okay? I want to read it. ;)

Loved reading about everyone's WIP -- so many wonderful stories being crafted! My recently-finished WIP is a MG verse novel about a girl who longs for a miracle, but finds she just might have to make one herself.

No writing happening here these days, but gearing up to start something new for March Madness. Be generous with that fairy plot dust, Kim! (I hope you've got a good supply, lol.)
Kim Baccellia said…
Ooh, Tonette, your story AARALYN'S SONG sounds like a lot of fun!

This year is going by really fast! My son is going to be 13, omg, a teenager, this June! Now I do feel old!

Thanks for dropping by!
Kim Baccellia said…

I so know where you're coming from. I've been stuck big time this month. Thankfully this RWA online class is helping me stop and condense my whole story into a paragraph and then go from there on the revisions. Otherwise, I'd still be staring at my computer screen. Or hitting my head against it. **I don't recommend doing that at a coffee house though. I got a lot of concerned and worried stares the other day!

Having some fairy plot dust sprinkled your way!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

I know it's fun reading little tidbits on others projects.

Can't wait till March either. There's just something about writers supporting each other that's wonderful and productive!

Yes, I got lots of fairy plot dust to spare. **Sends some your way!

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