16 Things I Thought Were True by Janet Gurtler

I'm excited that I'm part of the 16 Things I Thought Were True blog book tour.

I'm a huge fan of Janet Gurtler's contemporary YA novels. Her latest 16 Things I Thought Were True shows us Morgan who is horrified after a video of her dancing in boy's undies surfaces. Then she gets a text from her twin brothers that her mother is in the hospital with heart problems. Morgan is obsessed with getting 5K followers on Twitter and usually only communicates with her twitter friends.But life happens and her mother 'reveals' the name of her biological father before a surgery. Before Morgan knows it she finds herself on a road trip with her boss Adam and chatter box Amy. Morgan learns that maybe 'real' friends are closer than she thought.

What worked: Once again Gurtler has a winner! Loved the writing style that shows us a heroine that hides behind her Twitter account when a video leaks out. Morgan might come across to some as cold and indifferent but I thought this was only her way of protecting herself from being hurt. It's easier to have so-called popularity with thousands of twitter friends but harder to open up to someone close by.

The road trip was fun too. So many reveals which include such things as Amy not being exactly honest about being poor. Adam also has his own secret too.

The title is based on a real Twitter hashtag. I love how Gurtler used Twitter and not FB as most teens(well, the ones I know and son hangs with) don't use that site as much anymore. The texting was right on too.

Janet Gurtler is the YA answer to Jodi Picoult. She breathes life into each of her characters. The ending took my off guard. Make sure to have a tissue close at hand!

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Kim Van Sickler said…
Wow there is a lot going on in Janet's book. Sounds fun! And yes, I agree with you, Kim, FB is passe for kids nowadays. All my kids are on Twitter and Instagram.

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