Friday Five

1. This week's been busy as usual! Getting lesson plans ready for visit this afternoon with our ES-educational specialist-Laura. Most people don't realize how much work is involved when you homeschool. I'm a credentialed teacher(yes, it's up to date!)for grades K-12 and also can teach ELD/Spanish. I work through a charter school which has been wonderful with a student center that son attends twice a week for theater, Lego League, History, and Campus publisher(they put together the yearbook) with credentialed teachers. We go once a week to a math academy. Biweekly to semi-private art classes and weekly to homeschool PE classes. Yes, I'm busy! But we've found this has been so much better for our son who has sensory issues.

**Son at last weekend's Legoland event.

2. Books! OMG, books!

First, I admit, I'm kind of burned out on YA dystopian novels so I asked the fab Jen or cupcakegirly on Twitter for recommends(she's a fellow YABC editor and has fab taste in not only cupcakes but YA/NA books).

Here's Jen's blog site:
**I so want one of your cupcakes, Jen! One day!

Here's what she recommended:

OMG, it's so GOOD!

While reading I couldn't help but think of this couple:

3. Speaking of if you loved Roswell The TV series as much as I did, then you had to, I mean you NEED TO DVR this new CW series-Star-Crossed:

It's on CW Monday nights!

So anyhow, ALIENATED has the whole Roswell-Star-Crossed feel going for it: Alien comes to Earth/meets/falls for Earth girl. Totally loving!

4. And YA Books Central revealed the cover of Melissa Lander's sequel to ALIENATED that comes out in Feb 2015:

5. And here's a teaser at some of the books I received this week:

Love ya, Penguin Teen books!

***Guilty Pleasure:

Hmmm, this will probably happen on Saturday after my yoga practice. Thinking of grabbing a Starbucks mocha/raspberry iced drink or the Java chip frap with soy:

Totally will need my yoga and drink as I'm thinking I'll be at mother-in-law's house helping her pack to move to independent/assistant living community. Cross fingers that she'll make some friends over there and not sit in her room, getting depressed. Yeah, just thinking about this whole situation makes me want an session of yoga.


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