DEVIL'S FROST by Heidi R. Kling

Today I'm excited to share my review of DEVIL'S FROST, the third ebook installment in The Spellspinners series.

You all know how much I love this series.

It has more chemistry than:

And has more magic than:

Here's my YABC review:

I’m a huge fan of author Heidi Kling’s ebook serial The Spellspinners. Kling casts a spell on readers by bringing her characters to life. Nothing cliché or stereotypical with her witches and warlocks of Melas! **Love the twist on this Northern Californian town's name. Melas is Salem spelled backwards. I can totally see some t-shirts with this on them!

Kling breathes life into each of her characters with vivid descriptions and lush backgrounds. You can’t help but fall in love.

In Devil’s Frost, the third installment of this winning series, we find Lilly still struggling with the betrayal of Orchid, her best friend. She finds there are consequences to using magic. Also a number of painful reveals have her questioning everything including her love for Logan.

Heidi nails the emotions, tension, and conflicts of this coven of witches/warlocks. This series is hotter than The Originals; better than The Secret Circle. **Seriously, I think Klaus can take a lesson from Logan! Devil’s Frost‘s warlocks are very hawt. The chemistry between Lilly and Logan is sizzling and you can’t help but feel that this modern day Romeo and Juliet will overcome all obstacles in their path including a measly Hundred-Year Curse. I mean, true love conquers all, right?

I also love the bonus material which gives readers a glimpse into Lilly’s little sis. Let’s just say I totally love this and can’t wait to find out her part in this story in future installments.

A must read for anyone who loves a witchy YA tale filled with romance, adventure, and hot warlocks.

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