Friday Five

1. Rain is here. I've been sandbagging and clearing out leaves/fallen debris for the past two days. Plus have extra sand and sandbags in my garage just in case for the predicted huge storm coming this weekend. Cross fingers for me that my office doesn't flood again like last years mess.

2. OMG, and my almost 13 year old has discovered...GIRLS.

It seems like just yesterday he was this small and more interested in Legos:

He says this how I look when he discusses girls:

3. Moved mother-in-law to an independent living community. Had dinner with her too in their dining area. The people seem really nice and son and I plan to visit once a week. Next Monday is Bingo. I love Bingo. It'll be fun. The elderly people there so fun seem happy and active. Just hope Lorena(MIL) doesn't just stay in her apartment and get depressed.

4. Finished reading:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: What worked: Fire & Flood is a fast-paced dystopian novel with a likeable heroine who joins a race where the winner is awarded the ultimate prize: a cure for a loved one. Tella loves her ill brother and is willing to sneak out in order to enter the race without her parents knowing. Tella is vulnerable and at times funny. She also loves her Pandora(a token animal guide that hatches from an egg) and has empathy toward not only her fox guide but other Pandoras as well.

I did like how Scott weaves in the backstory about the 'evil' Pharmies who tampered with genetic engineering and created these Pokemon like creatures. Also the whole idea of having a race to give a 'cure' to a winner adds enough tension to make the story engaging. The climax of the story totally took me off guard along with a few revelations. Huge kuddos for that!

5. Also finished this one:

Scholastic reading club had this paperback edition for under $10! I've heard some really good things about this paranormal set during the Deadly flu epidemic of 1918. It's a fascinating read with a twist at the end.

**Guilty pleasure:

Not really sure as I'll be staying close to home during the huge storm. I will be getting my hair cut and colored again. Looks like I'm staying with the darker auburn color and a shape up on my long bob. I might sneak off and grab a Starbucks drink but we'll see...

One huge pleasure:


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