My Favorite books that didn't make the Cybils shortlist

There were a lot of amazing YA fantasy/Sci-books out there in 2012.  In fact, 205 of them were nominated for the Cybils.

It really was hard to come to a decision of which of those 205 were the top of the batch.  There were six others on my panel, who also read and helped to whittle this list down to 7.  So there had to be some books that didn't make the top list.  I wanted to share some of these 'finds' with everyone.


I totally loved this story!  The voice of an 'Echo', someone who is the clone of another person, felt authentic and very real with the emotions/struggles she felt knowing she was basically not recognized for who she really was.


Another book I totally loved.  This one takes an unlikely premise of an Amish girl and mixes it with the hellish future world of vampires which actually works.  What stood out to me was how the protagonist questions not only her faith but her religion(in this case the Patriarchy) which felt very real to me.  Also the idea of vampires can't go to any sacred area regardless of the faith of those individuals was very refreshing.  A total must read!


This book had me in stitches! A so-called BF gets a voodoo doll to mess with a teacher that he doesn't like.  Yes, it's graphic at times but the humor and the situations the protagonist and his friend get into are hilarious!  A great story for reluctant readers.


Think Faith of Buffy meets THE LOVELY BONES. Great world building. I can totally picture Tim Burton directing this into a movie.


Totally loved this Jane Austin meets Sci-fi novel that's filled with two characters that are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

6.   Think edgier LITTLE MERMAID with hauntings. Dark and biting at times, this story follows one mermaid who turns human at a terrible cost. This tale kept me on the edge of my seat.


 Really enjoyed this YA dystopia meets THE BACHELOR. Engaging storyline with a protagonist you can cheer for. Plus, she's a ginger like me!


Dystopia where it's illegal to make movies with footage from the net. Lots of computer backdrop and a futuristic Charles Dickson's feel. The British slang at times gets in the way of an otherwise intriguing tale. Still this book stood out to me as a book for reluctant readers out there.


I'm a huge fan of YAs that include diversity.  Love the twist on the multicultural urban legend.  If you're wondering, a Vodnik is kind of like a vampire who collects his 'victims' in tea cups.  He's also a trickster.  The protagonist's subtle humor and his attempt to 'save' his seriously ill cousin while making a deal with death make this a must read!


Charlotte said…
Vodnik was my nominee--glad you enjoyed it!
Nickie said…
Just the title 'A Bad Day for Voodoo' makes me want to read the book.
Kim Baccellia said…
Nickie, It's hilarious!

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