Friday Five

1. Well, I finally agreed it's time to get a new car.  I've been driving around my 91 Toyota Pickup truck since, uh, 1991.  I bought it new at the Toyota Roland Heights Center.  My father-in-law went with me and helped me decide which one to get.  There's 180,000 miles on it.  When I purchased it I was a new bilingual teacher commuting into LA every day and also a grad student at CSUF.  We'd just purchased our first home  when the economy tanked.  This truck has been with me through two different teaching jobs, infertility treatments, an adoption, trips to Utah and Sacramento, a funeral, and soccer games.
  So it's kind of bittersweet finally giving this truck up.  Either today or tomorrow I'll be visiting another Toyota dealership to pick another truck.  Hopefully this one will last just as long so I can  give to son when he's 16.

2. Books!


My YABC review:


This story resonated with me on many levels. Rae's story felt similar to my own as a teen. What some don't get is how easy it is for abused girls to fall into abusive relationships with boys that first come across as loving but are in fact demanding and worse, abusive too. It might not make sense to those who aren't in situations like this. I know personally how easy it is to fall into an abusive relationship. Also the peer pressure of high school and even college to have a boyfriend can be pretty intense. Unfortunately, sometimes having any kind of relationship is better than being alone for someone that comes from an abusive background. So yes, Rae's relationship with Nathan was very probable to me.

What I loved about this story though is the hope that is woven throughout. Leo is the boy who works next to the flower shop. Rae feels comfortable around him. I totally loved him and how he tries to reach out to Rae. The poetry throughout gives readers a glimpse into Rae's world. A world others live in too.

3.   TIMEKEEPER by Alexandra Monir

My YABC review:


This is a fast-paced time-travel romance with hints of magic throughout. I did feel it was a satisfying follow-up to the first book. For fans of enduring love stories that span time.

4. Another time-travel YA:

TEMPEST by Julie Cross

YABC review:


Fast-paced time-travel story with a new romantic couple. How far would you go to protect the one you loved from being harmed? That's one of Jackson's strengths. Throughout this story he struggles with what happens to those around him everytime he jumps. Sure at the beginning he mentions that there are no consequences but that later changes. This is one thrilling ride!

5. Finally able to read book three in the amazing Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout!

Love, love the chemistry between Daemon and Katy!

**Guilty pleasure:

Finally I'll be getting my hair colored and styled!  Yay, no more gray roots!


The winner of last week's giveaway is Suzanne de Montigny!  Please email me at with your snail addy!

This week I'll be giving away a copy of either: 

ADAPTION by Malinda Lo

This is a creepy horror tale that I really enjoyed.



This dystopian tale has a Dickens feel.  Another YA I enjoyed!

For a chance to win either book, just leave a comment!


A new car and a new hair-do? You are living on the edge this week!
Marysue Hobika said…
I have the LUX series on my nook next up to read. I've heard great things about it. I can't wait to start it. FYI - love the hair!

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