Friday Five

1. Yesterday was my birthday!  Can't believe I actually am as old as I am.  I still remember when I thought my age was ANCIENT.  LOL.  Now I'm thinking I'm the new 30.

And yes I went and got myself a Mocha Joe cupcake from the cupcake shop called
FROSTINGS here in Lake Forest.  Very nommy!

2. Also got more books!  Thought I'd share!

Loved the first book in the series: PARTIALS

Loved TEMPEST and was really excited to get the next book.
This is a really good time-travel tale.

Can't wait to read this YA horror story!


Beth was in my critique group and I was able to read the first chapter or two of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE before it hit the big times.  Let's just say the beginning of this third book in the series starts off in typical Revis fashion: edge of your set suspense and tension.  LOVE IT!

4. Finished reading this one:

Really loved this YA paranormal of Rayna 'Ray' who ends up at SS Crazy after she lets it out that she sees angels.  Only imagine her surprise that they do in fact exist.  Enter Cam and Kade, who make Ray's life even more crazy.

YA Books Central Review coming soon!

5. You all know I love Paris!  Very excited author sent me a copy of her e-book WHEN IN PARIS which is New Adult (college age).

**Guilty pleasure:

Had fun with radio interview last night:

**Scroll over to 144:0

And today will get my birthday pumpkin enzyme peel!  Yay!


Happy post-birthday! Hope you had fun!

I LOVED Dan Wells's Serial Killer series, but I could not for the life of me get into partials. Just... nothing happened after several chapters so I put it down. :/
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks, Charlie!

I really loved his book PARTIALS and was excited to find out my friend Izzy is his friend. He was at BYU the same time she was attending!

I found it's all subjective. There's some recent dystopias, that others love, and I couldn't get into.
Kai Strand said…
Happy belated birthday, Kim.

Teeth looks good! I love a good horror story.

Na said…
I wish you a wonderful birthday week! The cover for A Shimmer of Angels is gorgeous.
Kim Baccellia said…
Na, check back on Friday as I'll be the host of A SHIMMER OF ANGELS virtual book tour plus I have an interview with the author. Also there is a giveaway!

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