Friday Five

1. It's been really cold here in Southern California.  Earlier this week it dropped into the 20s at night, which is freezing for us!  The cold wave broke on Thursday!  Yay!

2. Finished reading:

This is one nail biting tale that had me squirming in my chair!  Think Hunger Games meets Vamps.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

3. Now reading:

This is the graphic novel story of two families that live through the chaos and turmoil of a nation being born.    It's very intense and doesn't flinch at some hard truths of what happened.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

4. Decided to watch The Carrie Diaries and was taken back to the 80s.  This is the prequel to Sex in the City when Carrie is 16 years old.  In 1984 this was a turning point for her.  It also was a turning point for me as it was the year I finally moved out and went away to college.  The sense of awe, innocence, and excitement resonated with the young me.  And oh the parties/dancing at the discos!  Memories!!

It makes me want to read the book:

5.  So yeah, I did it!  I finally broke down and purchased a new car.  What did I get?

Love, love my new SUV!

**Guilty pleasure:
My favorite tea mug broke so I went to Starbucks and got a couple new mugs.  Guess which size?

***Winner of last week's giveaway:

Sarah Negovetich!

Email me at and let me know which book you'd like: PIRATE CINEMA or ADAPTATION

Next week I'll have another giveaway to celebrate my birthday!


You made me think of this ;)
Kim Baccellia said…
LOL. I lived in Utah for 5 years and it took me a while to get used to the snow and cold. But in our defense, we had strong winds and the 20 degree weather that was flippin' cold. You should have seen the homeschool moms at PE class. We all had parkas on and fleece blankets. We're just not used to this kind of weather. I figure not having the snow and cold weather is one of the benefits for living out here in Southern Ca.

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