The Pack: Retribution

Today I'm excited to host author L.M. Preston.  I was able to read and review her book THE PACK: RETRIBUTION.  This is the second book in the Pack series.

First off, have to say I love that this is a Sci-Fi YA set on a planet that has always intrigued me:

Also there is a strong protagonist: Shamira:

Here's the blurb:

Revenge doesn't have a name, but has chosen a victim—Shamira. But she's never been the type to lie down and let someone hurt her family or her friends. In order to find the mastermind behind the threat to all she cares about, she must give up the one person who's found his way into her guarded heart, Valens. Valens refuses to back off easily, and neither will Shamira's friends. They join forces with her in order to deal with a new enemy who seeks to kill everyone in Shamira's life that dared save the missing kids on Mars.

This story is action packed with some great emotional descriptions.  Shamira struggles/challenges are showed in vivid detail.  There's so much to really enjoy about this story.  There's action, suspense, cool futuristic gadgets, and an intriguing premise.

The other issue I had was I didn't read the first book which would have helped me get a better sense of who Shamira was and what put her on her path.

Here's my YABC review:

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cleemckenzie said…
Great giveaway! I say, "Yes, you can!" over and over.

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