Friday Five...Early

I'm going to post this a day early as I'm posting a review tomorrow.

This week has been fab with all the books I've received!  Got to love that!

Here's a taste of what I received:


I really enjoyed the voice and premise of this YA paranormal.  The format is a huge plus that breaks away from the typical I-see-dead-people tale.

YA Books Central review:

I really loved the voice of Scarlett. It's not whiny or precocious. Rather she's a typical albeit loner teen that just happened to get herself into a dire situation. I remember someone once telling me they don't get why some people wouldn't be excited to be able to see ghosts. Scarlett's family, instead of going to the Other side rather stay where they're at. This quirkiness adds kind of a charm to this story. The ghost vomit is kind of disgusting but so is her baby brother's fascination with how many ways he can tear his ghostly body apart.


Our household loves Binky!  Who wouldn't?  Binky guards his family from the outside aliens.


My YA Books Central review:

I know this book is also perfect for those reluctant readers out there. As a former first grade teacher I know that this format(early graphic novel style) is appealing as well as engaging for students that don't like reading just text. I know as my own son was one of those reluctant readers and we started with a Binky adventure. He loved it!

Adorable hero with a serious mission to achieve! This book is guaranteed to have younger readers want to follow Binky on another adventure.

3.  Ooh, loved the premise of this story that sucked me right in!

4. Just had this book downloaded on my Nook:

I got the first book at ALA12 from the Harlequin people and was hooked!

**This is a case of if the writing is stellar, it doesn't matter if it's yet another vampire tale.  This series is flippin' GOOD!

5. Also just got the second book in the ASHES series by Ilsa Bick:

This series is creepy good!  Let's just say I made sure I had my night light on when I was reading it!

That's just a taste of some of what I got!

**Guilty Pleasure:

I got another 'free' Starbucks coupon.  Yay!  After I go to Costco, I'm going to get a venti salted caramel mocha drink.  Nom.


I read "What's Left of Me" this week. It definitely sucked me in and I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series.

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