Entice Me Day!

Hi, everyone!  Today I'm excited to be part of the Entice Me team!

First check out my YA Books Central review of this amazing second book:


I'm an ambassador for the

God Squad: Grigori Leaders Nyla & Rudyard

Here's a little write up on them:

Tough as Nails

Nyla and Rudyard may be new but they’re a force to be reckoned with. Nyla may look like tall, slim goddess with a dazzling smile, but she’s all warrior underneath.  And she teaches combat at the Grigori Academy in New York—something she’s come to teach Violet.  Rudyard is like night to Nyla’s day: affable, polished, refined; he’s the academic of the group.  But don’t let the mild-mannered exterior fool you: he’s also a fighter.

The most intriguing thing about them?  There’s more to their partnership than meets the eye.

Here's both of their  bios, which have a ton of more details on the new kids on the block. Also, we’ve created a fun “favorite quote” quiz here.

Listen to Jessica give her thoughts on these two from her sun-room in Sidney:

Sourcebooks will be tweeting out quotes all day long tomorrow, posting to Facebook (www.facebook.com/embracetheseries), hosting a Twitter giveaway, along with letting everyone know about the online quiz and author vlog.

Plus, at the end of this Entice Me Tour I will be giving away a copy of ENTICE with a matching Entice bag.


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