Friday Five

 Had so much fun at ALA this last weekend.  So many books!  I was better this time around.  Back in 2008 I ended up just grabbing galleys.  This time I read the back blurbs and took books I knew I'd read or ones that I could share with friends/family.  So here's a little of what I've been reading this week:


When I saw the Scholastic reps put this companion book to the fab SMILE out, yes, I grabbed it.  Loved it!

My YABC review:


This book was one reason why I had to go to ALA on Sunday!  Sourcebooks was doing a giveaway and I wanted this book!  I loved the first book EMBRACE.  I also met the editor which was really cool.  We were discussing why this book is so hot.  Yes, I'm totally team Lincoln though Phoenix is pretty hawt too!

YABC review coming soon!

3. DEAR TEEN ME anthology:

Another book I had to have!  I contributed two dear teen me letters on their blog but didn't make it in the anthology.  But that's ok.  This anthology is a must read.   Love the themes and also the letters from fellow YA authors.  What's amazing to me is how similar our stories our.  When I was a teen I thought I was all alone in my pain.  What's great is that by sharing our stories, you find out others went through similar things.

Love this book!

YABC review coming soon!

4. And this isn't from ALA but my biweekly fix:

I admit it, I love Angel and Faith spin-off series more than Buffy.  Is it just me or is Buffy becoming almost too wimpy in season 9?  I've always loved Faith with her harder edge and subtle weaknesses.  Interesting that ALA didn't have this comic book there.  I told them how I love it more than Buffy.

5. So I just did it.  I joined RWA!  I hope to attend Nationals next month.

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm getting a pedi/mani on Sunday.  Yay!

Plus finally going to see BRAVE:

Also check back on Monday for a chance at winning another galley for #wipmadness


Pippa said…
This is great! Thanks, Kim.

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