Friday Five

1. This was the last week of school so it's been crazy getting things finished and packing up this year's materials to send back to Book Mart at River Springs Charter school.  But that doesn't mean son gets the 'whole' summer off.  No, he has to continue with his math, reading, and grammar.  Son moans how unfair this all is.  I'm like, "That's how it goes."

2. Will post winner of The Summer Teen Reading Party by this weekend.  Promise!

3. Two weeks until #ALA12 !  But who's counting?


5. Will draw name for this week's #wipmadness winner!  Next Monday will have two other galleys to choose from!

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm a huge fan of these:

This is a Starbuck's mocha cookie crumble frappucino.  I have them use soy and don't add the whip cream.  It's very nommy.

**Also I'm a fan of the MTV TV series TEEN WOLF:


cleemckenzie said…
Life's unfair. Poor boy.

Here's to some time in summer to sip those decadent Starbuck's concoctions and read and write.

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