Friday Five

1. Getting schedule ready for tomorrow!  I'll be at ALA all day!  Very excited!  I hope to run into authors Nancy Holder(Teen Wolf), Ellen Hopkins(Tilt), Cindy Pon, Libba Bray, Melissa Marr, Mike Jung, and so many others! Plus I'm excited to check out Sourcebooks, Flux, Harper Collins, S &S, Scholastic, Penguin books, Zest Books, and so many other publishers/vendors!

2. In the meantime read So Close to You:

 Girl finds out her grandfather's theories about the government being involved in a secret project might very well be true.  She ends up stumbling back to 1944 and finds out the choices she makes might very well affect her own family or destroy them.
 I love time travel books if they're done right.  And this one works.  Why?  First off the protagonist just doesn't 'fall' back in time without some kind of explanation that makes sense.  Also there  is a reason why she might be back there and there are also consequences.  **Some YAs time travels I've been reading(yes, there has been quite a few this year) lack a consequence.  In this book it's called the butterfly effect.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

3. Excited to get the galley to this book:
Nancy Holder will be at ALA tomorrow!  I want her to sign this!  It'll be fun to meet her!

4. Galleys I want to find at ALA that aren't YA.  **Yes, I love non-fiction books too!

I totally love Frida Kahlo!  Who is she?  She's a famous Mexican painter who was married to muralist Diego Rivera.  This book looks fascinating!

5. And this book looks very intriguing.  I read the blurb and want to read more:

My husband said the author is very progressive in her views of the Mormon church.  I read the back and agree on some of her comments.  I'm curious about her own background and want to read of her struggles and challenges she had with the church.  I think there has been a code of silence on anyone speaking out on anything that isn't 'positive' or uplifting. I think that causes more harm than good.  Either way this will be an interesting read.

**Guilty pleasure:

Tomorrow!  ALA.


Lexa Cain said…
You have quite a list there. Thanks for sharing what you're doing and all those covers. I agree time travel is hard to do well. I'm glad you think this one's good.

Happy ALA-ing! :-)
Katja Weinert said…
Enjoy ALA tomorrow :)

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