#4 Getting That Creative Flow Going

I was able to go to not one but two days of ALA exhibits this weekend.  Sunday was the day to go as mostly YA authors were signing.  One of my writer friends, Marlene Perez, got me thinking with one of her comments on getting that creative flow going.  Yes, I admit it.  I haven't been querying around lately as I want to make sure my sekrit project is more polished this time around but I've also been kind of in a funk with just writing.  I think it might be because of all the rejection I've been getting since 2004 when I first started trying to get an agent.

But you know the saying around here:

 So what do you all do when you're in a funk and don't think you'll every get that elusive agent and/or book deal?

  This week my goal is to get up early and write.  I really need to get this sekrit project's new beginning going.  And it isn't going to write itself!

Winner for this last week:


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YAY Angelina!!

Oh, do I know that funk! If I'm really having a self-pity party, I force myself to read through the success threads on the blue boards and twitter (though I might not comment...excuse the petty party, please), even though my real instinct is to punch my computer screen and boohoo for an hour.

Then I let that energy grow into inspiration instead. I remind myself that I don't just want to sell "a" book. I want to tell an awesome story! If it isn't ready yet, it isn't ready yet.

Sometimes I don't want to open my WIP file, but if I force myself to sit down and just open the thing, I get snared. There is no way I can open it and NOT do something with it. Before I know it, I'm hooked and excited about the story again.

Most of the time that works. It all starts to flow again if I just let my baser instincts become motivation instead of a handicap.

Glad you had a great time at ALA, Kim. And thanks for hosting the madness this month!

Now kick that funk, wipsters!
Yay! I won! Thanks, Kim.

I've been fighting that deep blue funk for months and months. I have a few tricks that get me thinking like the Little Writer That Could.

Two quotes: "If at first you don't succeed, revise, revise again.""--Me

"Never. Never. Never give up."--Winston Churchill

If I'm in a mood where everything is negative, I stay away from the WIPs and until I'm a bit less hormonally challenged. ^_^

Going for walks also helps. In fact I'm off to the woods here in a bit. I have three brief scenes to add to the MG WIP today and I'll be done with this latest draft (did you hear that D?)

Concentration was my big issue last week, since we've decided to rent our house, buy a motorhome, and hit the road come September. So many details to work out, but I think I'm settling down and able to focus 100% on the writing again. I hope. ^_^

Forward, Wipsters!!!
Denise Jaden said…
Yay, Angelina! And I am NOT far behind. Staying glued to my chair until I'm done today! So there.
I'm so clueless about what day of the week it is, I thought I missed check in, but hey - It's Monday!!!!
Got to love summer break.

Anyway - I'm down to the tweeking. MS is out with betas. Hoorah. Now for a little down time.
L.S. Taylor said…
Yeah, I've been in Funk-y town for awhile myself. It helps for me to Rant (free-write intensely for myself, where I try to determine what the problemm is, and let myself complain to me until I figure it out). It also helps, I find, to hit the gym. My health hasn't been spectacular lately so I haven't, but I'm finally starting to feel better, so I'll be doing that again.

I was finally able to figure out a problem this past week through the power of Ranting. I had one problem to solve, and the free-write got me thinking about it sideways. In the end, I realized that there was something completely *different* that needed to be removed for the story to work better.

This past week, I also beta-read 3 chapters of epic fantasy, totalling 16 K, and read two novels and two Harlequins. I've started reading another novel, an urban fantasy that's been on my shelf for waaay too long.

Any word on who's taking the check-in reins for next month?
Kim Baccellia said…
If you all want, I can do a few more weeks of #wipmadness.

Just let me know.

Thanks, Kim. I believe Carol Garvin and Jeanne Ryan volunteered for July and August. I can't remember who was taking which month. Waiting to hear back from them. ^_^
cleemckenzie said…
Here's to beating down the "funk." It ain't easy, I know.

Really happy for your great experience at ALA. That had to be a lot of fun with all those books and book people.
Hope ALA was all you wanted and more!

I'm climbing my way out of a little funk myself, finally on path again with my new WIP. I know I'll have to go back and better-up everything someday, and there is a LOT of drafting ahead of me, but I shall persevere!
Lexa Cain said…
I know how sad it is to get rejections, and it makes working on a new project hard.
But don't get depressed - get mad! Those rejecting agents are wrong! You're a talented writer with great ideas and you're going to make them change their minds! Full steam ahead on the new project!
(At least that's how I convince myself.)
Beth said…
I'm querying, and I'm finding the rejections easier to deal with this time around. I really believe in my story, and I have the attitude that I just need to find the right person who loves it as much as I do.

One thing I am finding difficult is starting a new story. I find it so hard to query and write at the same time, but I want to break through that. I'm just finishing up a beta read, and then I plan to start writing again.

Good luck to everyone this week! Stay hopeful!
Carol Garvin said…
I'm here... in body if not in mind. Actually, when I think back over this week, I haven't been around much either in body or in mind. But that will change.

Yes, I'm on deck for hosting in July. The past few days have been a bit mind-numbing for me, but I'll put balloons around the calendar, or something, to make sure I don't forget when I flip the page. On Monday, July 2nd you'll find me at http://careann.wordpress.com or, if you don't, I'll come and find you! And yes, that's a threat. These checkins won't accomplish anything if we don't use them to be accountable and motivating, right?

(Notice how I haven't mentioned all the writing I *didn't* do this week? I have excuses, honestly, I do.)
Kim Baccellia said…
I finally think I know why I'm in a funk! My character Espie is fighting against the direction I've been trying to write. She's like, "That's not ME!"

Great suggestions on fighting through the funk!
Kim Baccellia said…
Mary Anne,

Love your suggestion on reminding yourself you want to write an awesome story. I've been trying to do something similar and not rush this time around with my stories. It's hard but I learned the hard way that it's not worth rushing especially if your story isn't ready yet.
Kim Baccellia said…

Great quotes! I was so tired yesterday after two days of ALA I didn't find any to post. Thanks!

Wow, you're one busy lady!

Thanks again for posting this month and congrats!
Kim Baccellia said…

You go, chica!!!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yay you! You can do it!!!!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

Thanks! One hard thing about going to ALA was seeing all the authors signing and feeling like I should have been one of them. I had to push that thought out of my head more than a few times and remind myself my day will come too.
Kim Baccellia said…

Great attitude! Taking my pom-poms and shaking them!

You can do it!!!
Kim Baccellia said…

You're so sweet for checking in every week too!
Kim Baccellia said…

Yay for down time! I now have like almost 100 galleys/books I got at ALA. You all know what I'll be doing this summer!
Lora R. Rivera said…
I've been all funked up lately too. I've honestly had a few chances to edit here and there, but mostly I've used that time to night hike out in the Tucson desert. I feel like I might be sucking it all in, storing up experiences.

I do love seeing everyone's journey, and it's encouraging to know that, while we all struggle sometimes--with all sorts of disappointments--we all push forward.
Kim Baccellia said…
Ooh, I love what you do, Lora. I also will walk when I feel like I need some extra inspiration. I live close to a wilderness park and it's calming and peaceful just to walk. I get a lot of sparks that way with my writing.
Shari Green said…
I've been drifting in and out of Funk-y Town (ha! thanks for that, Laura) for months...ever since I finished my last novel. I need to be deeply immersed in something new, but I'm not there yet. *sigh* In the meantime, free-writing helps, walking on the beach helps, making music helps. Of course, a book deal might help, too. ;) hehe
Kim Baccellia said…

I know the feeling. At ALA I was hearing great upcoming news from my author friends and one of them turned to me and said, "Kim, you need to get back into querying. What's stopping you?"

And she's so right. I need to push through my self-doubts, fears(yes, the whole rejection wagon hasn't gotten easier), and excuses.

For me it's running and just getting away for a little bit.

Thanks for commenting!

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