Friday Five

1. Was able to get back to my own writing after over a month!  Pushing self to just write and also telling self it's ok to be selfish and give myself permission to do this.

2. Also finding this whole parenting gig thing is hard stuff.  I actually had someone tell me that her 'me' time involved her children.  To me though I need to get away for a few just to regroup or I lose it.  I personally don't think there is anything wrong with doing this.  My mother's best friend Dee told us that if you don't give yourself permission to take care of yourself, no one else will.

3. Bummed that See's candy is going to discontinue it's chocolate caramel suckers.  I ended up buying a whole box.  Each sucker is 2 WW points.

4. Saw a link to this one self-help book that actually says to stay in an abusive situation.  I was speechless at first, then very angry.  Someone mentioned I should write my own blog post about my feelings on the article. I've been pondering doing something like this for some time.  I need to take a chill pill right now so I don't come across as being angry but rather show why I feel the way I do.


**Guilty pleasure:

Who knew #3 of this series would be so much fun to watch?


Lexa Cain said…
I'm with you on all your points. We need to take care of ourselves - if we don't, who will?

I love Madagascar and Ice Age, too! <3

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