Friday Five

1. Had a great Christmas.

Mom sent me this:

It's a huge Audrey Hepburn blanket throw. Love it!

Had tons of this:

Son got:

Also got to help put together his new computer!

Went and saw this:

Husband and I LOVED it!

2. Read:

I'm a huge fan of THE CHRISTMAS CAROL so I thought I'd read this twist on the tale told through the eyes of Marley. There were some good parts, where we see how Marley and Scrooge's lives entwine in more ways then previously thought. What didn't work had to be all the telling, head-hopping(when the spirits visit Scrooge, they also speak to Marley. Very confusing). Plus, it was a tad bit too preachy for me. Still for those who love Christmas tales, this might be the one for them.

3. Penguin books sent me this one:

This one intrigued me. It's about Mia, a girl that fell down in a well as a child and survived. Now she's attending a very elite private school and a reporter comes to interview her but he's not all he seems. He unleashes something terrible that affects everyone. Some edge of your seat scenes that kept me wanting to know the secret Mia's father had hidden. Coming in February.

4. Right now reading:

Love the futuristic twist of fairy tales! Got the paperback version through Scholastic book orders! Great deal for a great series!

5. Also reading the third installment in Heidi Kling's amazing witchy e-book series. Let's just say: I LOVE IT! Heidi nails the emotions, tension, and conflicts of this coven of witches/warlocks. So much better than Witches of East End and The Secret Circle.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Probably going out to lunch with son and husband! Yay, for holidays!


Lexa Cain said…
You've had a busy holiday so far. Congrats on the blanket, son's computer, and chocolates! I really want to see the Disney bio movie, too. The books sound fun. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014, Kim! :-)
Kim Baccellia said…
Oh, you too, Lexa!!!! And thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!!!

Here's hoping 2014 rocks for both of us!!

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