Friday Five

1. Yesterday was a looong day. Son had his play performance at 4:30PM and since I have to commute to get to his charter school, I ended up hanging around Santa Ana for the day. Did get some revising in(I really need to FINISH this book).

2. Been stressed with all the holidays, family, and other stuff. Need to mediate later today!

3. Finished reading this:

This one surprised me. I usually don't read these types of novels but this one has a great voice. The writing is gripping and fast-paced. I devoured the first book in an afternoon.

4. Also finally got the Demon Trapper's Daughter novella:

Love this series by Jana Oliver so much! So many others have 'tried' to create similar premises in their YA novels but Jana's books are the best!

**Also love how she also was with my former pub, Virtual Tales, and was able to break out into a more traditional publisher. **This gives me hope that if she can do it? So can I!

5. Great deals with Scholastic book clubs!

Finally purchased this:

The paperback version is in the Scholastic Tab January book order for $6

**Also DOLL BONES by Holly Black is in there for $8.

What a steal!

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'm totally hoping to work in a mediation session later today with Savita.


These all look like great books. Wish I had time to read more.
Enjoy your meditation time. Maybe that's what I need. :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Yes, yoga has helped calm me down and not be so frantic with everything: holidays, cold weather, family, and end of school events.

Have a great Christmas!

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