Friday Five

1. First off, I did it! I finished my Nanowrimo project at a little over 50K!

So book two of the goddesses series is done! Well, the first draft is. I'm putting aside for a few and then will go back and polish it up before sending off to Liz, my publisher.

2. Also been reading through Cybils nominated YA Nonfiction books. Thought I'd share:

One thing that amazed me was how Jane Eyre, had critics when it first was published. Some thought it wasn't appropriate for young ladies to read at that time. Pg. 116 of THE BRONTE SISTERS THE BRIEF LIVES OF CHARLOTTE, EMILY, AND ANNE by Catherine Reef ...Jane Eyre was "an anti-Christian composition" So Jane Eyre was becoming a dangerous book, one that decent mothers forbade their daughters to read.

Fascinating read into the lives of the Bronte sisters who all died too young but left us amazing classic tales.

3. One book that deals with the holocaust:

I loved this retelling of a young boy who survived the Holocaust by being one of those on Schindler's list. Fascinating and horrific at times, I couldn't put this book down.

4. One that shows how DNA solves mysteries:

Fascinating insight into how modern day science helps solve history's mysteries. Included are was King Tut murdered? Did Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russian survive? How did Napoleon die?

Love how modern science is used to explain some of these mysteries in an easy to follow format.

Also fun fact: My younger sis is a genealogist and she used DNA samples from our mother to verify that we in fact have mestizo heritage along with Jewish.

5. Totally loved this twist on the dreaded essay:

I homeschool my seventh grader son and this is a fun twist on the whole boring essay thing. Seriously, when son was in 3rd and even 4th grade he loved writing stories then our ES clamped down on the 'required' formal essay writing and he HATED to write. This book is fun and I wished kids could be more creative when it came to writing the dreaded formal essay!

**And I had to have a YA novel to read! Finally got around to reading this:

I met Shannon during ALA12. It was the ending of a really long day and I was waiting around to go to a YA author signing. She was in front of me in line. I of course introduced self and she signed some of her bookmarkers for me(which I still have!)

This YA is about a teen who survived a storm and is haunted by the girl he saw, who is a sprite. So far really good!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Finally hoping to see this:


Kelly Hashway said…
Congrats on finishing NaNo! I bought Let the Sky Fall when it was the Kindle Daily Deal, but I was sad to find out it doesn't allow Text-to-Speech. I use my Kindle exclusively for that reason so I can always listen to a book while I cook or do housework. Now I have to find other times to read this one, so I'm a little disappointed. I need more time in my day. lol
Kim Baccellia said…
I totally can relate with that! So far it's really good!

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