Friday Five

1. Scoring is over! Yay! Now they're asking if I'd help with 7th grade essays. I've been debating on this as I'm pretty much burned out. Plus, my stories are calling out to me!

2. Went to AAA and started to put together my (or more like Jordan, Selena, and Grams) Paris trip. So many fun tours out there. Son got into it to and was disappointed when he found out this was research for my book. Maybe this will work in my favor as he's now bugging husband that we should go too!

3. Finished reading PRAEFATIO:

My YA Books Central review:


PRAEFATIO is one wild ride where Fallen angels, Archangels, and mythology collide. The first chapter hooked me right in. The author does a great job of showing the confusion that Grace feels in the hospital room. I wanted to read more to see where this story would take me.

The one thing I loved about this story had to be Grace. She’s sassy, spunky, and courageous when she finds out who she really is. There’s some great one-liners too that add humor. Grace is my kind of girl!

4. Excited that I got approved to read the third AWAKING book from Meg Cabot!

5. Also S&S sent me an newsletter with the blurb on this one:

It's a modern twist on Rebecca.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Hope to get some more writing in. Need to go get son a suit for church. He'll be 12! It's a big deal in our church. This is when he'll get to pass the sacrament and get the priesthood. He's very excited. June is going to be a busy month! Plus I'll be hosting #wipmadness too!

I think this calls for a treat, don't you? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have Rocky Road iced drinks that look nom worthy!


Deb Marshall said…
Oh my word, I want to read those book and get that drink!! Enjoy your beginning of summer.
Kim Baccellia said…

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