Friday Cybils Five

I'm going to share each week my Cybils five nominated books I've read plus of course my weekly guilty pleasure!


This book surprised me.  What do you think of when I mention vampires/dystopian novel and Amish?

Trust me when I say this combination works!  And not in the stereotypical way either.

I LOVED this book!

A teaser of my YABC review:

Subtle horror elements throughout this story up the creepiness factor. Add to that a teen struggling with her faith and what she really believes in, make this a must read book!

Kuddos to the author for not being afraid to address some hard questions. I know that's what makes this amazing dystopian/vampire tale work!


This is a hilarious tale that includes some very hawt not too bright aliens and pregnant teens in outerspace.  The protagonist's snark is funny.  

3. I'm a huge fan of YAs that include diversity.  Tu books is one of my favorite publishers.  Love the twist on multicultural urban legends that come to live.  If you're wondering, a Vodnik is kind of like a vampire who collects his 'victims' in tea cups. He's also a trickster. The protagonist's subtle humor and his attempt to 'save' his seriously ill cousin while making a deal with 'death' make this a must read!

4. Another dystopian tale from yet another one of my favorite publishers: Egmont!  This one has a conspiracy angle mixed with high action that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats.

5. I was so EXCITED to get a copy of this to read!  I read the free sample on my Nook and loved it.  Can't wait to report back on it!

**Can you see a trend here?  I've been reading lots of dystopias, vampires, zombies, time-travel, and fantasies.  

**Guilty Pleasure:

I subscribed to EW--Entertainment Weekly--for my Nook.  **A girl got to have a little celeb news too!


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