2013 Goals

Yes, I'm crazy but I do love to make resolutions.  Last year I didn't do too bad.  This year will try to do better.


1. Work on this revision.  No excuses.  No whining that it sucks big time.  Just do it.

2. Once NO GODDESSES ALLOWED comes out--put together a virtual book blog; get a book trailer done.

3. Work on another project.  Seriously thinking of revisiting my one WIP that deals with a teen and the aftermath of her brother's violent death.  This one will be more contemporary.  After all the recent shootings, I feel like Ellen Hopkins told me, "It's probably time." to finally finish it.

4. Read for Month 9 Books

5. Continue reading for YABC

6. Take at least a couple writing workshops.


1. Try to squeeze in visit to Sacramento.  Once again, no excuses.  Just do it.

2.  Follow doctor's advice with blood tests/sonograms

3. Stay with Weight Watchers and don't spazz if I don't get down to a size 6.  Size 10 is okay and healthy for me

4. Continue taking time off for me so I don't suffer mega burnout from homeschooling--which is hard this year

5. Appreciate what I do have and STOP comparing self to others


Much luck with your goals, writing and personal. I'm eager for the book trailer :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Good luck to you too, Charlie!

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