Friday Five

1. Wednesday was my birthday! To celebrate my birthday week I'm giving away three print copies of CROSSED FIRE over on Goodreads!

**Here's the link! January 31st is the last day!!!!

2. My excitement of the week had to be when I tweeted how I was looking forward to seeing JUMANJI. I never thought in a bazillion years The Rock would actually tweet me back!

3. Thinking I might tweak my revision and make it more mainline fiction. I've been branching out with my writing with a romance and memoir. It's always good to go outside your comfort zone!

4.Books I've read:


Speaking of memoirs, this one deals with a teen living in 1990s and finding out she's an undocumented citizen. If you know me, I have very strong feelings on this issue. It saddens me so much the current sentiment against immigration in our country which I personally feel is racist.

My YABC review:

Teaser: She also shares how the fear of being deported at any time is frightening. Her own fears she had when the current president was elected and the anti-immigration sentiment in our country right now. But she also paints a picture of hope.

As a former bilingual teacher, who taught children of undocumented citizens, I totally recommend this book. If anything, it rips the misconceptions out there on undocumented citizens and humanizes them.


The premise of this book sounds similar to THE FIFTH WAVE, but I'm a total fan of books with aliens and if there's a romance? Count me in!

**Guilty Pleasure: Hope to go out to Ruby's for my birthday dinner. Totally love their turkey cheese burgers(they have to have the BEST ones in SoCal) and of course their famous Cherry Coke fountain drink!


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