Friday Five

1. This is the first week back from vacation.  I'm getting over a bad viral infection and still hobbling on one foot. Another week wearing a special boot for my sprained toe.

2. Being sick=having a hard time being motivated to write.

Need to have this as my mantra:

Started getting back to my writing this write by tearing apart my query letter. Next week will work on the synopsis.  Plan on doing another quick read through of my story and then hope to query it out in February.

3. Been reading. **Even when I'm sick, I can't not have a book!


This is women's fiction with some time travel set in Italy during the 14th century. Totally loving! Reminds me of OUTLANDER with a little DOOMSDAY.


I'm reading this along with son. My thoughts? There's lots of adventure throughout. But I feel very uncomfortable reading the N word-which is throughout this book. Also for a 13 year old, feels very mature. The dialect is hard to understand and jars me out of the story. I GET why high school teachers want their students to read the classics, but I can also see why forcing teens/kids to only read certain titles, can turn them off to reading.

Just my opinion.

And to add injury to the fire, teen's first test-after we went over the first 22 chapters, had really nothing to do with what we went over.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Taking it easy so I don't re injure my foot.

Also listening to this:

Totally HOOKED.


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