Friday Five

1. Well, GODDESSES CAN WAIT ended up being #9 on P&E

**Ok, I know this is basically just a 'popularity' contest, but still it was nice to get an email with this!

2.  Next week's my birthday! And to celebrate, I'll have a Goodreads contest to give away three copies of my latest novel CROSSED FIRE:

3. Aren't these buttons cool? I had dawnjuddcreations made them for me.

In my series, CROSSED OUT, Stephanie calls herself a 'Rescuer'. She rescuers dead girls and helps guide them to the Otherside with talismans she makes that reflect their true selves.

4. Been working on synopsis for CANDLE IN THE WIND. Hope to do a quick read through it starting next week and plan to send off to an agent who requested it.

5. Finished reading book 2 in the Scythe series.

I reread the first book in the series and totally was ready for THUNDERHEAD. It's amazing with tons of twists and turns throughout.

Premise: In the future the world is perfect. There is no disease, war, death. The cloud has evolved to the Thunderhead. It has helped our Earth. Problem is that since no one dies now, there are scythes, people that go and glean people. I was totally hooked right from the start!

**And on the current book I'm reading, let's just say it lives up to it's hype.

The belles are beauties that are able to give the 'gift' of beauty to others, but at a price. The writing is like eating a chocolate macaron. You can't stop at just one page. I really love how the author has shown us a world where beauty can be achieved, but at a terrible cost.

**YA Books Central review coming soon!

***Guilty Pleasure:

Early morning mediation with Savita. Love this hour mediation class. 


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