Friday Five

1. It's been a LONG week. Been dealing with 'issues' with sixteen-year-old. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get him up in the morning?  This is son almost every time I tell him it's time to get up:

5 minutes turns to 10 which turns up to us being 'late'.

Just UGH

And it's exhausting. Not sure what else to do.

2. On the plus side though, teen is doing well in school. So I guess I shouldn't complain.

3. Still working on this revision. NEED. TO. FINISH. SOON.

4. This week's reads include a few Cybils nominated books:

I know that my teen and I have our 'moments', but the premise of this book is what happens when your parents try to kill you off.  Fast-paced, suspense that will keep you guessing until the last page.


I'm listening to the audio of this powerful tale of a black teen who witnesses first hand the shooting of her friend by the police. The voice is so authentic and haunting especially when Star relates the horror of seeing first hand police brutality. Thomas shatters the stereotypes that still linger on how the young black men that are killed were thugs and/or drug dealers/gangbangers. Star goes to a prestigious white school but still lives in the hood. Her struggle to stay true to herself is so very true. **How she can't be 'angry' as that will only reinforce the 'angry black woman' stereotype. This story is sad but one that needs to be heard.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Grabbing an iced mocha Dunkin' Donuts drink. I think I totally deserve!


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