Friday Five

1. This week started off with the horrific news about the shooting in Vegas. You all know by now that I lost a younger sister to gun violence. Her ex-boyfriend stalked her, and then ambushed her and shoot her point blank in the back of the head numerous times. Then the coward went on a high speed chase through Sacramento, before killing himself in front of the police and his grandmother.

After Colette's murder, my views on the NRA and guns totally changed.

What made the Vegas shooting incident even more haunting was my younger brother and his wife were in Vegas that same weekend. I remember my husband waking me up around 11pm on Sunday, asking if my brother was in Vegas? And at a concert? Then he shared that there was a shooting there. I texted my brother but didn't get a response. The whole time I'm praying, "Oh, god. No. Not again."  I finally was able to get a hold of him. They left at 2pm and were safe.

Teen son's mother was at the concert and heard the gun fire. She saw people dropping around her. She was able to jump a fence and hide.

I was shaking so hard all Monday and kept saying, "Omg, my brother could have been one of the dead." I even texted a crisis hot line to help.

These shootings are almost a new 'norm' now. That frightens me. I had one NYT bestselling author tell me that it's 'time' to finish my one YA that deals with gun violence. I'm so sick to my stomach of how the GOP and NRA continues to saw, "Sorry for your lost, but don't take my gun away from me." And seriously, why do you need a semi-automatic weapon? No one does.

I pray our country will come to it's senses. This is an epidemic in our country and sorry GOP but WE NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSION. I'm not against guns, but I do feel that more needs to be done. And sorry, if those people in Vegas had guns, could you image how much worse the death toll might have been.

And Bill O'Reilly-NO, mass shootings AREN'T the cost of our freedom.

Photo courtesy of
This photo is haunting too, but reflects the status of our country right now.

2. Okay, now something more positive. Went to teen son's back to school night. It's still kind of surreal to be the parent this time around! His favorite class is architecture design.

3. Excited about being a part of the Cybils! Remember, you can still nominate books! Here's the link:

4. Just finished reading ALLEGEDLY. Omg, just omg. This is the story of a black teen who was accused of killing a baby at age 9. Then she becomes pregnant at age 16 and after the state tells her she has no say on the baby, she 'decides' to finally tell the truth on really happened that fateful day. The horror of the system and the injustices of how a black teen is treated when accused of a crime are shown in horrific detail. Think YA meets Orange is the New Black. This story stays with you long after you finish that last page, especially with the final chilling reveal.

5. Excited to pick up a copy of ALL THE CROOKED SAINTS:

**Guilty Pleasure:

Plan to redeem my 'free' drink at Dunkin' Donuts.

I admit it. I love these iced drinks more than Starbucks!


Lisa Schulman said…
That is horrible that you had to go through that with your sister. So tragic. Glad your brother is okay. We need to stop this gun insanity.
Kim Baccellia said…
Yes, we totally need to stop this gun insanity.

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