Review of Goddesses Can Wait

Jordan is recovering from her harrowing adventure going head to head with the Egyptian goddess Hathor, and a trip to Paris is exactly what is needed.  After all, Paris is the most Audrey Hepburn place on earth.  Jordan and her best friend accompany Jordan’s grandmother across the Atlantic so that grandmother Lake can rediscover her past away from the grip of Hathor’s magic.  Unfortunately for Jordan, that could mean more enchanted objects and more goddesses.  And more goddesses is exactly what Jordan gets.
Jordan meets the man of her dreams, but she finds that instead of a summer fling, she experiences a Freaky Friday body swap with the Greek goddesses Aphrodite.  Meeting famous Greek mythological characters like the muses and Ares.  Jordan has to get her body back, but that means trapping a escaped goddess, and that is never easy.

I definitely felt Goddesses Can Wait met and matched the quality and fun of book one, No More Goddesses.  Since I prefer Greek/Roman mythology to all others, it really made me happy that Greek mythology took center stage.  Once again, great and quality research was done into Greek mythology because the characters made sense and did not lack from fine detail.  Ares wasn’t a caricature of the god, but rather seemed to be a realistic imagining of what the god Ares would be like.  Though I do wonder a bit why Aphrodite, a Greek goddess, would be blonde.  It was a pleasant addition that more than just the “popular” gods were presented.  I liked that Charon and the fates and muses were part of the story rather than the big name gods and goddesses.  I would love to read more of this series if books of this quality are being written and published.  What’s next?  Japanese goddesses?  An Aztec goddess?  I think we’ve established a theme of love, so the world’s an open book at this point.  I sincerely hope that more myths and mayhem novels are written, and more cultures/eras are incorporated because I just love how Kim Baccellia takes myths and abstract mythological characters and inserts them into real life.  I know she would continue to do excellent and entertaining writing!

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