Friday Five

1. Been working hard on revision. Got some very helpful advice and feedback on fleshing out my characters more and adding Sci-Fi elements to my story.

Goal is to continue to work on this during the summer and then go back to my romance set in Italy.

Seriously, I've been working on this revision FOREVER.

Whoever says writing is easy, hasn't revised!

2. My GODDESSES CAN WAIT book blog tour is coming up!  Here's the link! I'll also be offering a giveaway package!

It's July 24th to July 30th! I've been sharing that week, so check back!

3. Been musing over ideas for book three in the CROSSED OUT series. Think border town missing girls and a hot Latino guy that shows up at Sutter High.

4. Been reading:

My YA Books Central review:

I really loved this book and wished there had been one like it when I was growing up. Mayim is that cool older sis who shares the secrets of growing up/your changing body, without being all preachy.

5. Really excited to be reading this one:

Coming of age story where a teen goes off to Paris with her autistic brother. It's a story of growing up and the complexities of a brother/sister relationship.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

**Guilty pleasure:

The heat has been draining. Thinking of checking out PARIS CAN WAIT:


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